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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Merrifeld’s Plans With Roberta

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Merrifeld’s Plans With RobertaSeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that Garrick Merrifield is ready to break some big news to his wife, Dannielle Merrifield about the new woman in their life. Roberta wants to join their marriage and Dannielle has seemed a little concerned about it. Now Garrick is about to drop a bomb on her.

Garrick and Roberta Want Children

In the newest spoilers for the next episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick tells Dannielle that he and Roberta are ready to have a baby together. He said that they will skip the wedding process all together and he will go to meet her in Mexico and start trying to make a family with her. This shocks Dannielle and her face says it all.

Garrick tells cameras, “Me and Roberta decided together that with her being 33 and not getting any younger, we’re going to go ahead and plan a trip to Mexico- with or without the visa- to try to have a baby.” Dannielle got very upset about the whole situation and was quick to express that she is very apprehensive about the whole thing.

Dannielle’s Thoughts on The Baby

Dannielle has been seen as a bit naive to viewers. It does seem that Garrick is in this plural marriage just for himself and it seems that he is doing this just so he can have another woman in his life. He shows little respect to Dannielle and she isn’t even in any of his photos on his Facebook page! What does she think about this whole situation?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Merrifeld’s Plans With Roberta

When asked about her feelings, Dannielle does think this is pretty risky right now to have a baby and not even be married. She seems a little uncomfortable about Garrick’s new views about having a baby with Roberta. She tells cameras, “I… want to be supportive and I know the goal is for Garrick and Roberta to ultimately start a family together.”

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  1. […] the show, they really just wanted to show people what their polygamous lifestyle was all about. They wanted to let them in on different parts of their lives and it didn’t even seem as if they were trying to find a new wife […]

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