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Little People, Big World: Is Caryn Chandler Ready For Farm Life With Matt Roloff?

Little People, Big World: Is Caryn Chandler Ready For Farm Life With Matt Roloff?In “Little People, Big World,” Caryn Chandler, Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, seems to be ready for farm life. The reality TV star said that she’s all set to do what it takes to help out since the man he loves is devoted to his farm. But, she admitted that it’s not all rosy. Even her partner complains about the farm sometimes.

Caryn revealed that Matt has a lot of complaints about the farm. At one point, she thought he wouldn’t buy out his ex-wife’s portion of the farm. One of his complaints was the excessive work involved. Plus the fact that he’s too old to manage the farm. Perhaps having Zack as his partner will help ease his burden in managing the farm. Who knows? Although it’s not yet final, it seems like both Matt and Zach are excited about the idea.

Matt’s Love-Hate Feelings Towards The Farm

Matt has his moments. Caryn revealed that he changes his tune about the farm often. There are days when he complains about the many things that need to be done to help the farm succeed. There are also instances when he says he loves the farm and he has a lot of memories there.

Caryn Takes Care Of The Chicken

Despite all these, Caryn is still willing to get involved in managing the farm. As a matter of fact, she’s already gotten her hands dirty by starting a project of her own, which involves taking care of the chickens. It seems like she’s improved her chicken tending skills and she even got Tori Roloff to help out.

Little People, Big World: Is Caryn Chandler Ready For Farm Life With Matt Roloff?

Caryn’s Struggles As Matt’s Girlfriend

The “Little People, Big World” celeb admitted that she knows what many people think about her. Some viewers believe that she’s a gold digger that’s why she’s with Matt. But she insisted that she’s really in love with Matt. Meanwhile, the latter doesn’t care about what people think about his girlfriend. They’re happy together and nothing others might say can break them apart. Plus, some people think that Caryn’s bashers are just mad because Amy and Matt are no longer together.

Caryn confided in Tori about her struggles and asked if others thought she was with Zack because of something else other than love. Tori admitted that it was a problem at the beginning but it all went away afterward. Only time will tell if people will stop saying that Caryn’s a gold digger. For now, both of them are happy together and Matt is preparing to build his dream house. Viewers are excited to see how it’ll turn out.

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