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Seeking Sister Wife Fans Of The Winders Love Seeing Sibling Love

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Of The Winders Love Seeing Sibling LoveSeeking Sister Wife fans love it when cute kids appear in the TLC show. This year, they saw quite a lot about Sadie, Tami Winder’s daughter, and Sophie’s son. While they might not take center stage, fans see enough to keep them happy. However, they really enjoyed a treat when Ephrain turned one year old. Fortunately, the family shares about their children on social media quite often. This week, they saw more photos of the kids playing together and fans love watching sibling love grow.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Love The Winders On TLC

Like every family in the show, the Winders get their fair share of trolls. However, they also see way more complimentary comments than the other couples. They seem very genuine about living a moral polygamous lifestyle. Plus, they seem cautious about rushing to bring in a new wife. This season, they consider Kimberley, but it’s not about Colton leaping into bed with her. Actually, it seems that a stable and happy family lies at the center of their priorities. So, many fans think they really feature as the only “authentic” people on the show.

Seeking Sister Wife fans met Tami and Sophie in the previous season. Sophie expected a baby and fans heard rumors about it in 2020. Of course, now they know she gave birth to Ephraim, they fell in love with the little boy. Over on their Instagram, the family shared some adorable photos of him and his big half-sister, Sadie. In fact, when he turned one year old, the Winders spoiled their fans with loads of photos. It also seemed truly nice that Tami helped make the cakes and treats.

The Children Seem Happy And Loved By The Whole Family

The Winders all seem very genuine on Seeking Sister Wife. Actually, fans love the way Sophie takes such an interest in Tami’s daughter, Sadie. Meanwhile, Tami clearly adores little Ephraim as well. Additionally, the two kids seem devoted to each other. In particular, Sophie spends a lot of time being a nice big sister to her little sibling.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Of The Winders Love Seeing Sibling Love

Actually, it’s understandable that fans call for a spinoff for the family on Seeking Sister Wife. After all, unlike the other cast members, they belong to a sect of the Mormon Church. If Sister Wives featured more than one family perhaps they should have starred in that show. As fans grow tired of Kody Brown and his dysfunctional marriages, they would love to see a new younger family grow.

Love Sibling Love

On Friday, May 21, the Winder family shared photos of Ephraim in his little push buggy and Sadie played with him in the yard. In the caption, the Seeking Sister Wife stars noted, “These two are growing into a beautiful sibling relationship ✨.” It looked like Sophie shared the post as she used the tag, “@mrs.winder.the.2nd.”

In the comments, a lot of fans talked about the lovely kids. One of them wrote, “How adorable are they. Thanks for making the season worth watching. ❤️😍”

Many similar comments arrived and this one as well: “Good looking happy kids! 😍You all are doing something right 😉.”

Another fan wrote, “I love watching sibling love unfold! Nothing sweeter!!”

Remember to check back with us often for more news and spoilers about Sadie and Ephraim Winder from TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

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