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Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown, Opens Up About Her Stalking Behavior

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown, Opens Up About Her Stalking BehaviorFans of the popular TLC reality series, Sister Wives, have always had a soft spot for Kody’s third wife, Janelle Brown. Even though she got on their wrong side during season 3, she still gets positive comments when she posts on Instagram.

Janelle’s posts on Instagram often show her funny side as they tend to keep the fan engaged and respond with loads of comments. She relates one on one with most of her followers, which have endeared her to her fanbase.

However, she recently reveals that she exhibits traits of a stalker. What would make Janelle become a stalker? Read on to get the inside details.

Janelle And Kody Are Not In Good Terms

Janelle is known to go about her things peacefully as can be attested to by fans of the show. But in the past season, she clashed with Kody on several issues. One notable clash arose because she and Kody disagreed on whether her sons, Gabriel and Garrison should be grounded.

It will be recalled that during the coronavirus lockdown period, Janelle didn’t allow Kody to visit her at her home. This irked Kody to no end, but Janelle says she was trying to prevent him from the risk of getting the coronavirus from her two sons, who were still going to work at the time. For her, it wouldn’t be ideal if he contracted the virus and passed it on to his other wives after visiting her.

Kody was angry that she was allowing Gabriel and Garrison to still go to work during the period of the lockdown instead of telling them to stay indoors. However, Janelle countered him by saying she couldn’t decide what’s best for her grown-up kids.

What broke the camels back for most Sister Wives fans was when Kody accused her of being a lazy mother. Since that particular outburst, fans have totally disliked his personality more. This would be the first time that Janelle would be quarreling with Kody. Is it possible that she is now stalking him?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown, Opens Up About Her Stalking Behavior

Janelle Opens Up On Her Life Outside of Sister Wives

Janelle always updates her fans are on other things that happen in her life away from the set of Sister Wives. Her most recent post on Instagram shows her delight at celebrating the fourth birthday of Axel, her grandson. She also uploaded a picture of a fresh cabbage meal she ate. Sister Wives fans know that she loves eating fresh vegetables a lot.

Most of her Instagram posts are about recipes, which makes many fans comment on her posts. So what brought up the talk of her being a stalker? Though she admitted that she is a stalker, she hasn’t gone about stalking Kody out of anger.

Instead, her picture reveals that she is spending most of her time happily waiting for the flowers in her garden to bloom. We can just imagine Janelle steadily monitoring her flowers till they bloom.

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