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Should Days of our Lives (DOOL) Move To Peacock Permanently?

Should Days of our Lives (DOOL) Move To Peacock Permanently?Days of our Lives (DOOL) was recently renewed for two more seasons. However, television from the time Days of our Lives first premiered in 1965 has become a lot different to present day. Although Days is still airing new episodes, cable is slowly fading away.
Soaps have had serious problems with viewership, some of it may have come from the ratings dropping, following the O.J. Simpson Trail of 1995. At that time, there were more than 10 American soap operas on the air. Since 2012, ever since One Life to Live aired its last episode on ABC, there are currently only four soap operas left on the air.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – DOOL Has Been Consistent

Despite all the drama behind the scenes, Days has been consistent with the content. It has survived any ratings it had in the past. It’s not even the ratings, the show is currently surviving the current pandemic that caused a temporary pause of production for all movies and television shows, even soap operas. While General Hospital, The Young & The Restless, and The Bold & The Beautiful stopped showing new episodes in the spring of 2020, Days was able to give out new content during that time.

That is because unlike the other three soaps, which film between a month or two before airing, Days actually filmed six to eight months ahead of schedule. This is mostly due to money issues with the studio, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as it helped Days deliver new content while other soaps showed throwback episodes.

Should Days Of Our Lives Move To Streaming?

In the long run, however, Days of our Lives may have to think of options to stay on the air, and there might be one possible way to do so, streaming.

Streaming has been taking the world by storm, and NBC, the network that Days has been calling home since 1965, has already started a new streaming platform, Peacock.

Shows, such as This is Us and Law & Order: SVU, have been giving episodes on the platform after they premiere on the main NBC channel. Episodes of Days of our Lives have appeared on the website so fans can catch on all the latest drama going on in Salem.

While Days is still a popular soap opera, it may have to move entirely from the main NBC network, and eventually move new episodes to Peacock. Any episode can also stay on the platform, so that new fans of the show can go back and catch the latest episode.

In the meantime, Days seems to be doing good and seems to have a good future ahead.

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