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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Clarks Meet Emily

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: The Clarks Meet EmilySeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that when the Clarks, Jarod and Vanessa, finally get to me their potential new wife, they are in for a big shock! They have learned a lot about her so far, but when things start diving deeper, Emily drops a huge bombshell on them and this may have them second guessing their choice.

The Dinner with the Clarks

When their previous sister wife, Kaleh just walked out on them, Jarod and Vanessa were pretty heartbroken. They have been searching for a new wife for quite some time now and they think Emily could be the one. Are they right about this? On the newest episode of Seeking Sister Wife, they got a big surprise about Emily and it could change their feelings about her all together.

Jarod told cameras that Vanessa isn’t really looking for a new queen to add to the kingdom, but Vanessa is in search of a new best friend. She wants a woman added into her marriage that she can have a sisterhood with and Jarod wants another mother to more of his children. The meeting they have with Emily will pretty much determine if she is the right fit for them.

Is Emily’s Age a Big Factor?

One thing that the Clarks are not sure of is that Emily could be too young for them. She is only in her early 20’s and this may not be the type of relationship she really wants right now. There are a lot of things that she may not know about a plural marriage.

When Emily joins them for dinner, she gets incredibly emotional. She said that she has been in some bad relationships and generally, people are not very nice to her the way the Clarks have been. She tells the couple that her last relationship was with a woman and that she does consider herself to be bisexual.

Emily finally tells the Clarks that she wants both of them and not just to be with Jarod. They were pretty shocked about this and their faces said it all! Jarod tells Emily that in a plural marriage, the second wife is not intimate with Vanessa and they are not sure that she will be a good fit for them.

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