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Meri Brown Re-Opens Her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB

Meri Brown Re-Opens Her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNBMeri Brown lost her mom just over a month ago. Her unexpected death shattered the Sister Wives star and she mourned her. In fact, she still goes through that. However her mom Bonnie ran the BNB in Parowan, Utah. Meri’s been there for a while now and apparently, she closed it after her mom passed away. However, she told her fans that she re-opens it.

Meri Brown Went To The BNB After Her Mom Died

Unsurprisingly, the TLC star talks about her mom a lot on social media these days. So far, she shared each week of pain as she dealt with the grieving process. When Mother’s Day came along, that seemed like one of the saddest days for her. She said that she kept thinking about buying her mom a gift. Of course, the next instant, the thought hit her that she’d never do that again. As her mom ran the BNB, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn in Parowan, obviously someone had to go there. Meri posted most of the posts about her mom while she stayed there.

Meri Brown also shared that she purchased a plant in a pot and placed it in the entranceway of the BNB. The Sister Wives star hopes that by honoring her mom with it, guests pick up a positive energy vibe. Probably, everywhere she turns in the Inn, she sees a reminder of her mom. Now, she honors her with “the Grandma’s Room.” On May 18, she took to Instagram and explained how she did that.

Sister Wife Fans Hear How The TLC Star Honor Her Mom

The photo that Meri Brown shared showed a portrait of her mom. She said, “Getting the B&B ready to open up again after taking some time to grieve the passing of my sweet mom.” Now, it looks like she dedicates an entire room to her mom. She said that she honors her mom “in the Grandma Room, of course!” Clearly, it is still such a difficult time for Meri.

Meri Brown Re-Opens Her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB

Meri Brown added, “Still don’t know how I’m going to do this without her. She brought this home to life.” Additionally, she experienced a bit of a surreal moment as “Ed Sheeran’s ‘Supermarket Flowers’ starts playing.” She said that it made her cry, but she took it as a message from her mom. Well, fans wondered if she might even close the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn after Bonnie passed. So, they are probably happy that it re-opens.

Fans Send Kind Messages To Meri

Most fans talked about the grief that Meri goes through right now. Some encouraging messages went her way. One fan talked about taking things “one day at a time.” Then, another fan commented, “Awww, Meri, it is hard, hugs to you..🙏🙏🙏🙏 your strong, your Mom is with you always..❤️❤️, (sic).”

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