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Seeking Sister Wife News: Ariadne Joseph Provides Evidence Against Snowden Family

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal new twists in the Snowden domestic violence scandal as evidence that shows they have a detailed history of perpetrating the crime that has come to light.

Their former sister-wife, Ariadne Joseph, recently produced texts and emails she exchanged with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, as well the parent group of TLC network, Discovery Incorporated.

Ariadne Joseph claims that she even had a phone conversation with a female executive officer, where she explained what the Snowdens were doing to her, but no further action was taken.

In the past few weeks, the media has been awash with reports of Seeking Sister Wife cast member Christeline Petersen alleging that the star of the Seeking Sister Wife series, Dimitri Snowden, had been physically abusing her. The single mom from South Africa was been courted by the Snowdens as a sister-wife.

The former sister wives of the Snowdens, Vanessa Cobbs and Tayler Middleton have supported Christeline wholeheartedly during the ongoing scandal through their social media posts. Last week, Dimitri Snowden filed a divorce petition in court against Christeline.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Ariadne Provides Strong Evidence To Back Her Allegations

This week, Ariadne did not only come out with evidence to support her allegations of physical abuse against Dimitri Snowden, but she also alleged that he was a convicted felon. She claims that Dimitri has been using a fake identity card to purchases guns, adding that she has text messages to show that Ashley Snowden now helps him to buy as well.

Ariadne also revealed through an online tabloid that Dimitri had tried to find loopholes in the law that would have allowed him to transport guns from California to other states.

Ariadne even provided text messages she exchanged with Ashley Snowden when they were discussing Dimitri’s alleged affair with his tax compiler. In several posts on social media, the husband of Dimitri’s tax compiler said his kids were missing. A post believed to be made by the husband, later on, said the kids were in the company of Dimitri and his wife.

Despite the allegations against him, Seeking Sister Wife cast member Dimitri is yet to make any statement regarding the issue. However, Ashley made a post on her Instagram page about staying positive despite the negativity she faced every day.

Ariadne Shows Text Messages From Dimitri Snowden

After leaving the Snowden home, Ariadne showed a text message that she received from Seeking Sister Wife star, Dimitri. In the text, he offered some tips on how Ariadne could become a better wife. He also referred to his disbelief at punching through a board of one-inch thickness. This confirms Christeline’s claims in a report that Dimitri often exhibited that habit.

According to Ariadne, the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that they were made to sign by the Snowdens is what legally prevents them from making revelations about their time in their California home. She added that she went for psychological treatment after her traumatic time with the Snowdens.

Even though some fans have criticized the women, Ariadne said most parts of the show Seeking Sister Wife followed a script.

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