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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: 3 Reasons Nicole Really Wants Xander

NDays of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: 5 Reasons Nicole Really Wants Xanderow that they’ve slept together and even though she regrets every single second of it, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) shouldn’t be falling all that bad and resentful about sleeping with Xander Cook (Paul Telfer). After all, Xander has a history of pursuing Nicole, even when he was told not to. With that said, here are five reasons why Nicole really wants Xander, despite their very checkered history.

#1 Nicole Walker Will Never Be Able To Get Rid Of Him – Even If She Wanted To

Ok, so they didn’t have the best start in the beginning. When he met Nicole Walker, he fell for her right away, even though she pretended to just show interest in him. Remember when Xander tracked down Nicole for betraying him and locked her up to die in a furnace room? She forgave him anyway, despite the fact that he was later arrested and accused of doing so many horrible things. No matter where they both end up, they always end up bouncing back to each other. Nicole will never be able to get rid of him – even if she wanted to.

#2 There’s Chemistry Between Nicole Walker and Xander Cook

Let’s face it: Xander, despite all of his flaws (and he sure has a lot of them) is a very handsome man. There are very few women in this world that would be able to resist him. Nicole is also a very stunning woman. Put the two of them together and there’s no denying that there’s chemistry between them. Plus, being with Xander might make some other particular men in Salem all hot and bothered that Nicole is taken. Jealousy is one hell of a drug, right?

#3 Nicole Walker Wants Protection

Sure, Xander might be one of the most dangerous and manipulative people in this fictional town of Salem, but when he falls in love, he falls hard. He’s also the kind of person who will protect the person that he loves with all of his might. What woman wouldn’t want that? Nicole can pretend that she doesn’t want Xander until the cows come home but truth be told, this is a relationship that has legs. Watch this space.

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