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Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Eric Is Having An Affair In Africa

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Eric Is Having An Affair In Africa

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal Eric remaining in Africa for quite a while longer and Nicole feeling guilt for cheating and sleeping with Xander, but what if she wasn’t the first one who caved?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Why Is Eric Still In Africa?

It never even made sense for Eric (Greg Vaughan) to go to Africa so soon after marrying Nicole (Arianne Zucker). They had waited decades to be wed and his departure seemed too odd and sudden. However, we were willing to buy it for a little while and assumed we’d hear that Eric was dead or presumed dead until DAYS hired Greg Vaughan back or recast the role.

But Eric just keeps telling Nicole that he is delaying his return because he is still needed in Africa, but who is it that really needs him?

Did Eric Brady Fall In Love?

Is it possible Eric went to Africa with good intentions, but he met someone while he was there? He resisted for months and then couldn’t anymore so he started an affair and as long as he stays away from Salem, his wife never has to know. Is this someone Eric just met or someone he knew in Africa years ago?

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Eric Is Having An Affair In Africa

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: How Nicole Could Learn The Truth

Even though she slept with Xander (Paul Telfer) and knows it’s wrong, Nicole feels she must save her marriage and the best way to do that is to see Eric in person. So, she may fly to Africa to get her secret out and hope Eric forgives her.

However, when she gets there she may spy Eric with his new love and fly right back home. She may also confront him. Or, perhaps when she is trying to tell Eric what she did with Xander, he comes right out and confesses to his own infidelity.

This could send Nicole right back on the plane and to a divorce lawyer. And really who could blame a wife who was abandoned before the honeymoon was even over? Perhaps, we will then start a true triangle between Nicole, Rafe (Galen Gering), and Ava (Tamara Braun) — or even Nicole, Xander, and Sarah (Linsey Godfrey)… Stay tuned to Days of Our Lives weekdays to see how this story plays out.

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