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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Ashley Snowden Opens Up

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Ashley Snowden Opens UpSeeking SIster Wife spoilers reveal that Ashley Snowden is ready to open up more about the controversy involving her husband, Dimitri Snowden. The allegations against him were claimed by Christeline Petersen who claims that she has been abused by Dimitri. She ended up getting a restraining order against him and the Snowdens have been as quiet as possible, but now Ashley feels that it is time to talk about things.

Ashley Spills the Tea

One of the former wives of the Snowdens is Vanessa Cobbs. She married the couple after they pursued her and at the end of the second season of the show, we found out that she had left the Snowdens. She filed a temporary restraining order, but it ended up being dropped.Vanessa started posted on her social media accounts about supporting victims of domestic violence and talking about narcissism.

A lot of Vanessa’s followers believed that she was talking about Dimitri in her posts and it seemed fitting that he would delete his social media accounts after all of this came out. He has shared that he was abused as a child and in one of his last posts, he used the hashtag, mental health.

What’s Up With Ashley

Of course, fans want to know what is going on with Ashley these days. She recently posted on Instagram about her Etsy shop opening back up. She started her post, “It’s rare that I react to situations that occur in my life. I’m not a reactionary person. Instead I choose to move with as much intention as possible because I love and respect myself, and I don’t even want to have to apologize for stepping outside of myself due to reactivity.”

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Ashley Snowden Opens Up

She continued, “I know a lot of you want answers to the swirling drama surrounding me. And trust, every day it is real work not to match the energy that’s being targeted my way. In being true to myself, I will not react, or be forced into any corner, especially when those talking aren’t doing so honestly. We all have a story, but telling it with integrity is so very important.”

Ashley told followers that comments were turned off and that she shared what is sacred to her and that was all the drama she needed to stir up.

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