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Colton Winder Requests Not To Have Intimate Contact With New Sister Wife

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Strange Behaviors from Colton WinderFans of the TLC series, Seeking Sister Wife, have made the Winder family their favorite couple in recent times. This is in the face of the several scandals and dramas associated with the Snowdens and the Merrifields, which have made fans less endeared to happenings around both families.

Fans believe that the Winders practice polygamy with the right intentions as opposed to the other families. In season 3, fans believed that the Winders had it all figured out nicely with the sister-wife who smoothly becomes a member of their household. However, things are likely to take a new twist with recent events.

The Winders are presently another woman, who they feel has the potential of becoming their third sister wife. In the most recent episode, the new sister wife is paying a visit to their house, but Colton has made some specific requests. We give you the full gist as you read further.

New Sister Wife To Visit The Winders

TLC released a promo video on their social media page ahead of the visit of the woman who is been courted by the Winders. The potential sister wife who goes by the name of Kimberly is scheduled to visit them in the next episode of Seeking Sister Wife. TLC captioned the video with a text informing fans of the eventual visit of Kimberly.

In the promo video, Tami Winder is nervous yet so excited that she will be meeting Kimberly for the first time. The plans for Kimberly’s visit have taken the greater part of a year to finalize. Colton is also excited, even making a joke about his excitement been concealed by his passive countenance.

It is interesting to note that their sister-wife, Sophie, does not comment on the visit of Kimberly, though she does laugh at Colton’s joke.

The three of them start discussing what needs to be done to make Kimberly feel welcomed in their home. However, Colton made a request that caught the attention of fans.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Strange Behaviors from Colton Winder

Colton Lays Down The Rules

During their discussion, Colton came out to say that he does not want to be left alone with Kimberly at any time. He is supported by Sophie, who said she had every intention of making sure he was a gentleman throughout Kimberly’s visit. Furthermore, Tami revealed that she and Sophie had already discussed Colton’s issue with Kimberly.

During confession time in the video trailer, Colton explained that his request not to be left alone with their potential sister wife was because he was just getting to know her. He added that until Kimberly was committed to fulfilling her duties as a sister wife, they would be no forms of intimate physical contact during interactions.

As expected, the promo video ends when the sound of the doorbell is heard. Kimberly’s face is not shown, so fans will have to tune in to the next episode to see her. We look forward to seeing how the visit plays out.

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