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Sister Wives: Controversial Gwendlyn Brown Shares Fun Post

Sister Wives: Controversial Gwendlyn Brown Shares Fun PostSister Wives star Gwendyln seems quite active on Twitter these days. Additionally, she quite often posts on her Instagram Stories. Nevertheless, her posts on her main Instagram page are few and far between these days. Over the last 18 months or so, Christine’s daughter became a bit controversial but she posted a fun if an ironic post on Saturday, May 8.

Sister Wives star Gwendlyn posts on Instagram

Gwenldyn suddenly grew up, and very strongly influenced by her half-sister Mariah, she started exploring her gender and social leanings. Most kids go through that phase once they hit their later teen years. However, she ran into some trouble on TikTok when her account ended up suspected. In December last year, she told her fans they suspended her because she referred to homosexuality. Apparently, that contravenes their standards.

An activist for the LGBTQ community, the Sister Wives star didn’t take it lying down. Fighting back, she slammed them for being “homophobic” and “heterosexist,” so they restored her account. Prior to that, that she declared herself a “raging bisexual” on Twitter, which confused fans. Once, she posted about joining an organization called the Satanic Temple and then mocked her fans who prayed for her. They didn’t know she didn’t refer to an actual church. On Instagram Stories, she also fights for BLM and other rights, and she doesn’t hold back.

Controversial posts by Gwen

One rather controversial post by the Sister Wives came at Christmas last year. As reported by The Hollywood Gossip, she was “apparently thankful…on Jesus Christ’s birthday [for] her drug dealer.” She called him “the Weedman.” On other occasions. TLC fans slammed her for bad language on her social media. Anyway, lots of teens might hold similar sentiments. However, the difference is that she comes from a reality TV show. Nevertheless, brashly, she doesn’t mind trampling on the opinions and concerns of fans who contribute to her family’s finances.

Sister Wives: Controversial Gwendlyn Brown Shares Fun Post

The young Sister Wives star only rarely posts on her main Instagram account these days. However, her last two posts seemed lighthearted. From February until now, she posted only one photo on the platform. That one showed her new haircut. Now she shared her fun post and it revealed her lying flat on her back on the roof. Her caption referred to The Long March 5B rocket launched by China.

The unpredictable trajectory of space debris

In her caption, Sister Wives star Gwendlyn Brown wrote, “Me waiting to get hit by the returning space rocket. TLC fans enjoyed the ironic humor of that a lot. Some of them posted clapping -and icons, and one of them said she wants to “marry” Gwen.

Remember to check back with us often for more news, spoilers, and updates about Gwendlyn Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives.

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