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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Twins With Her Mom

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Twins With Her MomMy Big Fat Fabulous Life fans sometimes see Whitney Way Thore’s mom Barbara on the TLC show. Fans see the similarity between mother and daughter. However, on Mother’s Day, Whitney shared a throwback photo of her mom on Instagram. Fans actually mistook Barbara for her daughter. They twin so closely that some fans felt very confused about the caption.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life – Whitney’s Mom Barbara

Fans know that Barbara seems a lot like her daughter in many ways. In fact, unafraid, she doesn’t mind featuring on TikTok. Once, Witney revealed her mom doing a glam makeover. Enjoying the fun of it all, she changed into a blonde bombshell by donning a wig. Fans like Barbara a lot, actually. So, they keep a close watch for anything that Whitney posts about her. She’s very protective of her mom and clearly loves her dearly.

You might recall an episode on My Big Fat Fabulous Life a few years back, where Whitney put her foot down and wouldn’t allow her mom to drive. Years before, Barabara suffered from a stroke. So she hadn’t driven in years. She seemed excited about getting her license back and driving around town. Whitney objected so strongly as before her stroke, her mom once “blacked out in the car and ended up in hospital. Fans also heard during the quarantine, that Whitney kept her mom inside because she feared for her life.

Whitney Twins With Her Mom On Mother’s Day

Like many celebrities, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star took to her Instagram on the weekend and gave her mom a shoutout for Mother’s Day. However, the caption confused a lot of TLC fans. Whitney wrote, “Having this woman as my mother has been my biggest stroke of luck and the greatest source of pride and joy. I love you, Mommy!” However, she posted a photo of herself with her cat. At least, that’s what fans thought.

The throwback photo shared by the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star actually revealed a much younger Barbara. The likeness to her daughter when she was younger seems almost uncanny. One fan said they felt “so confused.” Then, another one commented, “Well I thought that was you and therefore your mum was a cat, big if true! ❤️”

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star Whitney Twins With Her Mom

Many Fans Comment On The Incredible Likeness

Twins Whitney and her mom Barbara really looked like peas in a pod. An astonished fan wrote, “How much you two look alike is unreal.” Then, another one asked, “Is that babs?! You two are identical. Both gorgeous, inside and out! 😍😍.” Similarly, a fan posted, “Okkkkk! I literally thought this was you!!” More followed and a lot of fans agreed that the two women look identical.

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