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Sanditon Series Renewed by PBS For Seasons 2 And 3

Sanditon Series Renewed by PBS For Seasons 2 And 3PBS has listened to the call of fans to save Sanditon and has reversed the cancellation, renewing the series for Seasons 2 and 3.

The news of the reverse and renewal of the series which is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel ‘Sanditon’, was reported by TVLine. With PBS taking full control of the series, this decision was a breath of fresh air.

The Series Cancelation After One Season

Sanditon gained a lot of fans when it was premiered in January 2020 on PBS. The series which is a love story between Charlotte and Sidney had a lot of viewers glued to their TV screens. The shocking twist at the end of the finale left many clamoring for a second season.

The series based on an unfinished novel, led to a few issues but that wasn’t all. Fans never got to find out what happened with Charlotte and Sidney. Also, the British network that commissioned the show, ITV, had opted for the series to end after the first season. According to Screen Rant, this wasn’t only due to the series being based on an unfinished novel, but due to a lack of viewers as well. The series was Just like many other British period dramas. The fan base is in the States. This is why the fans immediately called out for the show to be saved.

The perseverance and patience of the fans paid off, leading to the renewal of the series with two seasons.

A New Partner to Save Sanditon

The producer of the series, Belinda Campbell had made it clear that another partner needed to be brought on board the show as the viewership in the U.S alone was not enough to renew the series. As ITV alone would not put in extra cost for the new seasons ,PBS would not be the only network involved in the two new seasons.

Sanditon Series Renewed by PBS For Seasons 2 And 3

BritBox UK is the co-producer for the series now. BritBox is a network co-owned by ITV and BBC, it is the streamer of all British entertainment. BritBox brings many BBC and ITV programs which include Doctor Who, the crime drama Grace, and Line of Duty.
What Happens in Sanditon Season 2?

Now, everyone is anxious about where the story for the two seasons would be gotten. Both seasons would presumably have eight episodes. It is entirely based on the creators of the series to provide a story in line with the first season, as there is no material to work with.

The first season ended with Charlotte devastated about Sidney and Eliza’s engagement. Sidney tracked down Charlotte to apologize for the situation and not to confess his love. Fans are eager to find out if there is still hope for Sidney and Charlotte’s love or there would be a new interest for her.

We hope the creators would find a way to weave the story around. To maintain the viewership, the story has to continue with the same edgy flair.

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