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Chumlee Of The “Pawn Stars” Returns To Social Media

Chumlee Of The “Pawn Stars” Returns To Social MediaFans of the History Channel series, Pawn Stars, have missed their favorite star, Chumlee, in the social media space. Well, that’s changed as the reality star just returned to social media. So what new things do we not know about Chumlee since his social media absence? Let’s give you details into recent happenings in Chumlee’s life.

Chumlee Makes A Return To Instagram

The cast crew of the Pawn Stars is on vacation, with Chumlee going to Cabo with his boys. In photos that he shared on his Instagram page, he was having a good time with his boys in Cabo, a Mexican tourist destination that is very popular in Mexico.

He captioned the photos with a text describing his life as filled with too much work and trying to have time for enjoying the pleasures of life. He has since deleted the photos. From all indications, it looks like the favorite cast member of Pawn Stars fans is trying to relax as much as possible.

However, Chumlee has not been active on social media for quite some time, which has got many fans wondering if his wife, Olivia, is the reason for his absence.

Is Chumlee Still With Olivia?

Chumlee spent his Cabo vacation with his boys, which has made fans of the Pawn Stars series wonder if his marriage with Olivia is still intact. It has been noticed by several fans of the History Channel show that Olivia does not appear in any of Chumlee’s posts on Instagram. Several of his Instagram posts were filled with photos of Olivia, engagement photos, and photos from their wedding ceremony. All of them have since been taken down by Chumlee.

Ardent followers of Pawn Stars know that Chumlee cherishes Olivia a lot, as she stood by him during the trying periods in his life in recent years. Well, time changes the way life goes. Chumlee has a busy schedule that involves the filming of the Pawn Stars series at the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located in the downtown area of Las Vegas.

Chumlee Of The “Pawn Stars” Returns To Social Media

A few years back, Chumlee disclosed that he was finding it hard to cope with Olivia’s absence, as she was studying at USBC. During the filming of new episodes, he admitted that he was missing her a lot but recognized that they were both making sacrifices towards a better future.

Apart from the photos of Olivia, he has also deleted all his personal as well as the Cabo vacation photos. It seems Chumlee has decided to keep his private matters away from the spotlight.

Chumlee’s Talent For Photography

Many fans do not know that Chumlee is a skilled photographer. His other Instagram account, adjustyourfocus702, is filled with several of his photos. His photography background has made him fall with the creative arts. He revealed that he dreams of becoming a creative director someday as well as making cameo appearances on TV shows. Well, it seems Chumlee has figured out what he wants to be after Pawn Stars.

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