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Alone Returns For Season 8 On History Channel, Loads Of Drama Expected

Alone Returns For Season 8 On History Channel, Loads Of Drama ExpectedThe History Channel series, Alone, is making a return for an eighth season. The premiere date has been fixed for the 3rd of June, with the producers promising a new twist in the drama on Grizzly Island. Prior seasons of Alone saw single persons competing for the prize, but season 8 promises more drama and intrigue as 10 contestants will compete against each other for the grand prize of $500,000.

In this season, the 10 contestants will be dropped miles apart from each other on the tough and tricky terrain of Chilko Lake, located in British Columbia, Canada. The contestants will be people who have been confirmed to be well-experienced in matters of naturally adapting and surviving under harsh conditions in beautiful, desolate regions of the world.

Real-Life Dangers Make Grizzly Island Different In Season 8

Grizzly Island will see the 10 contestants faced with lots of real threats to their lives and how they can cope with deciphering their whereabouts. For fans who have followed Alone since its first season, they will understand the dangers that contestants have faced over the years. This year, Grizzly Island is set to be the most dangerous spot to test the perseverance limits and survival instincts of the most experienced of survivalists.

Things will be made so much harder, as contestants will have to build their havens, hunt for their food, and keep their body calories up to be fit to take on challenging tasks like climbing and holding, to come out tops at the end of the contest.

Alone Returns For Season 8 On History Channel, Loads Of Drama Expected

The drama promises to be intense this season, as the competitors will be dropped in the middle of territory harboring ferocious grizzly bears. Previous seasons of Alone have not seen such a thing happening, but this season will see contestants dealing with man-eating animals.

Each contestant possesses skills that will be useful during the contest, with mental strength just as vital as physical fitness and survival skills. Prior seasons of the show have been filmed in South America on Vancouver Island in Patagonia.

Season 8 To Challenge Contestants More Than Ever

Fans know that the isolation part might be the breaking point for some contestants as they try to cope with the mental and physical challenges they will be faced with at the time.

The Vice President and Head of Programming at History Channel, Eli Lehrer, promised fans that season 8 will provide the utmost test of will and character for the 10 contestants, who will be dropped on Chilko Lake, an area known to be densely populated with grizzly bears. Each competitor will be given ten tools to survive the wild, and cameras to record their daily experiences. He added that no camera crew will be on the island, as the contestant that can survive the harsh climatic conditions and the man-eating predators will win the $500,000 prize.

Alone season 8 will premiere on June 3rd on History Channel at 9:30 pm Eastern Time.

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