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Sister Wives Fans Retch As Janelle Brown Shares A Favorite Meal

Sister Wives Fans Retch As Janelle Brown Shares A Favorite MealSister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown shed some weight over the last few seasons of the TLC show. However, if her fans had to eat one of her favorite meals all the time, they might starve to death. She shared a photo of a restaurant with a yummy-looking meal on the table. Actually, it literally got a lot of retching emojis on it. It came a few days after she headed for Wyoming in the Rocky Mountain region to sort out her deceased mom’s house.

Sister Wives Fans Heard About Janelle Brown Visiting Wyoming

In December last year, TLC fans heard that Janelle Brown’s mom Sheryl passed away. Of course, she felt terribly sad, as nobody really expects how much it hurts until a loved one passes on. Sadly, some fans didn’t know about it. When she shared about a trip to Wyoming on May 2, to sort out her mom’s house, some of them hoped enjoyed a good time with her family. Of course, they felt terrible when other fans told them that her mom passed away.

The Sister Wives star told her fan she loves the scenery in Wyoming. Of course, it’s in the Rocky Mountains region, and it always looks stunning. So, why not enjoy some tasty food? Janelle eats healthy meals these days and her weight certainly dropped over the years. Always a foodie, she loves nothing better than visiting the farmers’ markets for fresh produce. However, she also enjoys a meal out at a restaurant from time to time.

Fans Retch At The Thought Of Janelle’s Meal

Taking to Instagram on May 3, the Sister Wives star revealed a plate of food with a dipping sauce. She told her fans, “In WY – Rocky Mountain Oysters are available at some restaurants.” Then she told her fans to look them up on “Google.” Well, some fans didn’t need to do that. They just posted up retching emojis immediately. Janelle admitted her “father-in-law” made them better, but they were “pretty tasty.”

Sister Wives Fans Retch As Janelle Brown Shares A Favorite Meal

If you don’t know, the oysters that Sister Wives star Janelle talked about don’t come from the water. Instead, they are made from the testicles of bulls. Sometimes, chefs use the testicles from sheep. Some people know them as prairie oysters or calf fries. Usually, they come sliced into thick bite-sized chunks, get dipped in breadcrumbs, deep-fried, and served with spicy sauces.

Not A Lot Of Sister Wives Fans Put Up Their Hands For Rocky Mountain Oysters

In the comment section, one Sister Wives fan simply replied with: “🤢🤢🤢🤢😅😅😅😅.” Another fan felt the same sentiments posting, “🤮.” One follower exclaimed, “Oh goodness, I wish I hadn’t googled it 😳.” Those people who knew what they were, said they don’t plan on trying them anytime soon, like “never.” One fan wrote, “You can have all you want. I’ll not stop ya. 🤢.”

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