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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Is Kaleh Leaving the Clarks?

 Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Is Kaleh StayingSeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that viewers are concerned about Kaleh and the Clarks. Last week, we saw that Jarod Clark didn’t want her working two jobs, but she is trying to make money for her lifestyle. Jarod also told her that she needs to invest a lot more time into her family and if she did that, he would stop harping on her for working two jobs.

Kaleh with the Clarks

It has got to be difficult to join a new family as a sister wife and Kaleh seems to have been struggling with it a lot on this season of the show. There were some breaks in filming due to COVID-19 and we are hoping that the show will resume soon. Some viewers also think that the show was put on hold because of the Snowden allegations.

Jarod and his wife, Vanessa Clark, have been working from home due to the pandemic and it has been tough for them with four children at home. The Clarks did ask Kaleh to come and quarantine with them and the kids, but because of the way she was feeling about it, she told them that she would quarantine at her own home. This made some awkward moments too.

What Kaleh Did During Quarantine

Kaleh was working a customer service job when the pandemic began. She wanted to stay to herself because of how much she works in the public and she didn’t want to put the Clarks or their children at risk. Jarod still wants her to be at their home, but she refuses to go there because of the children. Clearly, this is something that Jarod doesn’t understand. From what we have seen, many viewers think that Jarod wants her to be more of a nanny than a sister wife.

 Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Is Kaleh Staying

Vanessa was able to talk to Kaleh about coming to their home, but Kaleh still stands by her choice to quarantine alone. Vanessa feels heartbroken by Kaleh leaving the family and feels that they can’t force her to be with them. In the spoilers for the next episode, it seems that the Clarks will find another woman to date, but will she join them?

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