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Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff Responds To Rude Comment About Her Weight

Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff Responds To Rude Comment About Her WeightIn “Little People, Big World,” Isabel Roloff, the wife of Jacob Roloff, has spoken up about body shaming. In an Instagram post, she addressed the incident when someone left a rude comment on her post about her weight.

Social Media User Drops Rude Comment

The social media user noted that Isabel must “heavily edit” the photos she posts on Instagram.

“Not shaming, but she looks very large compared to how she displays herself in her own posts,” the user continued.

Isabel Feels Sad For The Commenter

In a different Instagram post, Isabel admitted that her heart sank after reading the comment. She felt sad not because the person hurt her personally but because that individual may have someone at home who is struggling with body image and this is how they think.

“They probably have a mother, cousin, or friend who struggles with their body image and this is their thought process,” Isabel wrote. The reality star uploaded a photo of her wearing a big smile and a long-sleeved black floral dress.

“One minute they say not shaming, and the next minute they are actively fat shaming. This is where we are at still. A person existing in their body is open for discussion,” she continued.

Choosing Flattering Photos

She pointed out that people who have bigger bodies have no obligation to show off “their most unflattering angles” to the public.

She admitted that she’d like to look smaller. She revealed that she’s still a work in progress as she tries to get over her “internalized fat phobia.” She also acknowledged how meeting new people online gives her anxiety because she believes people will think “Wow, she looks different than her photos.”

Isabel Roloff

She went on to say that when she posts photos, she chooses the ones where she looks flattering, which she thinks is a “disservice all along.”

“Maybe it’s time I stop hiding here to appear smaller, because in the end that is MUCH deeper than my body size,” she said.

Fans, Including Amy Roloff, Rally Behind Isabel

Fans were quick to give her love and support including Amy Roloff. She said, “Love the dress. You are beautiful. We all are and even more so on the inside.”

Amy also quoted Isabel when she said, “Joy over perfection is what really matters. She explained that “Joy in our heart that is not dependent on circumstances.”

Another Instagram user chimed in and said “having your body debated is disgusting” whether it’s a public figure or not.

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