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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Vanessa Cobbs’ Mysterious Posts Confuses Fans

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Vanessa Cobbs' Mysterious Posts Confuses FansSeeking Sister Wife spoilers and updates reveal fans of the TLC reality series, Seeking Sister Wife, have been left in the dark as to what really made Vanessa Cobbs end her relationship with the Snowdens. Vanessa left their home after a dramatic episode in season 2 of the series and has not given any concrete reasons why she left.

Since she departed the Snowdens home in California, she has been busy rendering humanitarian assistance to people in Australia. Seeking Sister Wife fans have not seen her post anything on her Instagram page about the show, but she did recently in the wake of allegations of physical abuse leveled against the Snowdens by the new woman they are courting, Christeline Petersen.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers – Vanessa Cobbs Shares A Mysterious Post On Instagram

Christine recently accused the Snowdens of domestic violence and got a temporal restraining order against them. In reacting to the accusations, Vanessa posted several photos on Instagram. One was a picture of a purple-colored heart, which many fans think is her way of showing support for Christeline, possibly because she experienced the same thing.

Fans were very surprised when Vanessa left in season 2, contrary to the happy demeanor she displayed for the cameras during the rite of agreement in the final episode of season 2. After she left, Dimitri Snowden revealed that he was devastated. Ashley admitted during a confessional session that it took a while before she and Dimitri came to terms with her sudden departure.

In season 3, the Snowdens are courting Tayler Monique, who is a native of Georgia. At the same time, they are also dating the single mom from South Africa who they met online, Christeline. In a recent episode, Tayler moved into the Snowdens home after visiting them for the first time. To be fair to the Snowdens, they did seek Christeline’s approval before allowing Tayler to stay, as she was the first one to visit them.

It seems Tayler didn’t stay that long with them, but with the temporal restraining order obtained by Christeline, it looks like she spent about a year with Dimitri and Ashley.

When Christeline’s accusations against Dimitri surfaced in the media, he alluded to his poor mental health in several posts upon his return to Instagram. He had deactivated his account days before her allegations but reactivated it some days later. Many fans of the show did not take his posts kindly, as they felt he was making excuses for his uncanny behavior. From her Instagram posts, it seems Vanessa agrees with the fans.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Vanessa Cobbs' Mysterious Posts Confuses Fans

Seeking Sister Wife Updates – Narcissistic, Physical Abuse And Mental Illness

In many of her cryptic posts on Instagram, Vanessa agreed with the adjectives used by the fans to describe Dimitri’s behavior, including the damning one, “Narcissistic”. She also posted about the benefits of therapy, while admonishing the TLC network for still airing a show filled with lies. Fans responded to her posts by been grateful for her safety and believing that she was better off been away from the Snowdens. Vanessa is yet to respond to fans’ comments.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with TLC right now. Come back here often for Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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