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‘Outdaughtered’: The Busby Quintuplets Turn Six!

‘Outdaughtered’: The Busby Quintuplets Turn Six!It is hard to believe that the little Busby’s, the US’s only case of all-girl quintuplets have turned 6 years already. Ava, Olivia, Riley, Parker, and Hazel marked their birthday in style on Thursday, April 8, 2021. They celebrated their big day only a week after big sister; Blayke Busby celebrated the big 10.

About Outdaughtered Reality Franchise
The series is an American reality show featuring Adam Busby (Patriarch of the Busby’s clan), Dannielle Busby (Adam’s wife and mother to the girls), Blayke Louise (oldest daughter), and the quintuplets (Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, Riley Paige, Parker Kate). The series has spanned through six consecutive years with over 55 episodes and millions of viewers to its channel since May 10, 2016. The reality series shines a light on the daily living of the Busby.

A Little History Down Memory Lane

This time some six years ago, big sister Blayke, daddy, Adam Busby and Mom, Danielle Busby lives changed forever. For those who have been regular on the reality TLC franchise, you would agree that 2015 was a fantabulous year for the Busby’s as they welcome their Quints bundle of joy.

Outdaugtered Reality Franchise

Watching the outdaughterd series from the very beginning unto this present day, one can attest that the 6 girls have grown up into fine young ladies. From Blayke who was only a cute little four-year-old child to the quints who were only a day-old from their days in the NICU, Adam and Danielle surely have done a great job raising them.

Outdaughtered: The Busby Quints Turn Six!

We’ve continuously watched over the years how Adam and Danielle have worked together as a power couple, ensuring that each of their girls is well-looked after and loved. As an undeniable fact, fans are so entwined with the Busby’s that they see them as an extension of their own family.

The Texan Family Runs a YouTube Channel

Not only does the TLC network grace fans’ and viewer’s screens each week with the Texan family’s live show, but the Busby’s also go the extra mile to put up their lifestyle on their very own YouTube channel. Aside from the YouTube Channel, Danielle and Adam are very active on Instagram, while they post updates of their girls daily.

‘Outdaughtered’: The Busby Quintuplets Turn Six!

Instagram Section with Adam Busby

During an Instagram section with the patriarch of the Busby’s clan, Adam decided to challenge outdaughtered hard-core fans with a photo of the quintuplets. In celebrating the quints’ sixth birthday, he posted photos of the girls as newborns and asked if fans could recognize each one.

In his words, “Please don’t ask why there are six babies when we are meant to be guessing 5 girls”. We think Adam Busby just wanted to make the ‘guess who’ game a little more difficult for fans.

Instagram Section with Danielle Busby

Adams’s better half, Danielle Busby also shared a photo on her Instagram account of the six-year-olds in matching “It’s My Birthday” shirts. Maybe the new photos will help identify the faces of the little quintuplets.

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