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Audrey Roloff Uploads Sweet Photos Of Her Rapidly Growing Son, Bode

Audrey Roloff Uploads Sweet Photos Of Her Rapidly Growing Son, BodeThe former star of the TLC series, Little People, Big World, Audrey Roloff, recently shared heartwarming pictures of her fast-growing son on social media. Audrey uploaded some pictures of her 1-year-old baby boy, Bode, on Instagram having a good time playing on a trampoline with his older sister, 3-year-old Ember.

In the photos, Bode is seen to already have good body balance as he was around the trampoline. He and his sister are seen to be wearing identical white clothes and enjoying themselves with Bode doing his best to keep up with the playful antics of Ember. Not bad for a one-year-old who wasn’t open to walking about on his own until recent months.

Audrey Reveals That Bode Didn’t Try Walking That Much Before His First Birthday

In the months leading up to Bode’s first birthday, Audrey revealed that he wasn’t that keen on the idea of taking those precious first baby steps. Even when he turned a year old this past January, he still wasn’t making any move to walk around, as disclosed in an Instagram post by the reality TV alumni star to mark his birthday. In the text under the lovely photo, Audrey was full of motherly love and pride for her son as she applauded his lovely heart and smile. She even let fans know that her son has grown out 7 teeth. How sweet.

However, the last couple of months has seen Bode take giant strides in his craving to begin walking around the house. Well, maybe that’s because he is urged on by the desire to keep up with the fast movements of his big lively sister, Ember.

We have no idea of when Bode took his first baby steps as the moment was not shared by Audrey for the world to see on her Instagram page. However, it does seem that the playful one-year-old Bode has got the hang of walking around now, as can be seen in his many confident strides across the house and even on the trampoline canvas.

Audrey Roloff Uploads Sweet Photos Of Her Rapidly Growing Son, Bode

Audrey Shares A Series Of Photos To Show How Fast Bode Is Growing

The Little World, Big People alumni recently shared several photos that show the timeline of Bode’s rapid growth on her Instagram page. In the photos, fans get a glimpse of Bode at two weeks old, at your months old when he was becoming a cute distraction while she was working on her book, and when he celebrated his first birthday in January this year.

From the pictures, it seems that Bode has a huge passion for trains, with his parents buying him a ride-on train. Audrey and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, are not a part of the Little People, Big World reality series presently, but fans love to keep up with them as they share lovely photos of their kids growing up and having fun together.

We wish Bode the best of many more years in good health.

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