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Speculation Over Josh Duggar’s Arrest Emerges

Speculation Over Josh Duggar’s Arrest EmergesBad news for fans of the Duggar family. Reports have it that the former 19 Kids and Counting On star was arrested in Washington County, Arkansas by federal agents in Arkansas on Thursday, April 29, 2021. For now, no bail has been posted and there are no details about the circumstances of the 33-year-old’s arrest. We believe that the Duggar’s and the Arkansas federal agent are trying pretty hard not to reveal any details to the general public for now. Nevertheless, so many rumors have been flying left, right, and center since his arrest.

More Information on Josh’s Arrest

The U.S. Marshals detained and placed him in federal custody at the Washington County Detention Center in the city of Fayetteville around 1 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, 2021. The legal records as at this time show No bail was set and the FBI had no immediate comment when reached by E! News. Nevertheless, the Counting On ex-star will be in court today. So, more details about his arrest will come out soon we believe.

Fans are Curious about Josh’s Arrest

While Counting On fans and lovers have been waiting for Josh’s arrest details. Many people have been coming up with plenty of theories to know what transpired before his arrest. These theories are going beyond what we expected on social media. And the sad truth about it is that both fans and critics of the Counting On franchise have been having the same school of thought since his detention in federal prison. Well, you should know that these comments are just mere theories and nothing is official yet.

Josh Duggar arrested: Possible Theories Discussed

Over on Reddit, Duggar’s critic’s have been playing detective to know some of the reasons Josh could have been arrested. Many followers think it has to do with child pornography.

One user wrote, “I think it is child porn. I think it may have started over something financial and they found it on a device.” As we previously noted, the car dealership Josh worked at was raided in 2019. Some people are already speculating that, during that raid, the authorities could have found something else on his computers, which could explain why he’s getting into trouble now.

Speculation Over Josh Duggar’s Arrest Emerges

Another user wrote “I would believe this. Raid based on financials/tax dodging, looking for financial records, then finding child abuse material on his devices.”

Other users are hopeful that this is a “victimless” crime for the sake of those close to Josh.

Someone wrote, “I’m betting it is from cars being used to smuggle something across state or international lines. Even reputable countries have trouble with that, as a cartel might smuggle things in and the legit don’t know. But this looks like someone was part of the chain.”

Other social media users think Josh’s arrest could have been nothing more than tax evasion or money laundering.

No Immediate family member has commented on Josh’s Arrest.

I guess it is no surprise to the general public as regards the Duggar’s keeping their mouth zipped on certain events in their family. For this Duggar’s sudden behavior on keeping secrets, neither Josh nor his wife Anna Duggar, who recently announced she’s pregnant with their seventh child, have said anything as regards his arrest.

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