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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri Snowden Accused Of Domestic Violence

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri Snowden Accused Of Domestic ViolenceSeeking Sister Wife Spoilers suggest that Dimitri Snowden has been accused of domestic violence. Has the reality star gone overboard with his desire to have multiple wives? Does Dimitri have sexual issues that lead to abuse?

Legal Documents Have Been Filed

Seeking Sister Wife’s Dimitri has been dating Christeline Petersen for over a year. Christeline may have thought that she was about to become Dimitri’s next wife. However, Petersen has filed charges against Snowden along with a restraining order. Christeline claims that Snowden has been physically abusive during the past twelve months. Christeline has also alleged that Dimitri also scared her two young daughters as well. Although all the details have not been confirmed some information has been released from the filings. Which of the allegations has been substantiated?

What We Know About The Paperwork

Seeking Sister Wife’s Christeline claims that in January she woke up to a violent attack. Christeline claims that Snowden was slamming her head on the headboard and yelling at her. Christeline claims that the attack continued with several more slaps of her head but things got worse afterward. Petersen claims that Snowden was abusive during sex as well. Petersen claims to have been choked during intercourse, even though she had told Snowden she didn’t like that.

Petersen claims the more she struggled the more Snowden liked it. Christeline says she felt like she had no choice but to comply with Dimitri’s demands. Petersen claims that any refusal from her was met with more rough treatment so she just stopped saying not to Dimitri. Christeline says that non-compliance would only lead to longer periods of sex and more choking.

Update On The Charges

Seeking Sister Wife’s Dimitri went to court today, April 28, 2021, and the judge decided to throw out the restraining order as well as the entire case. The judge chose to throw the case because Christeline did not meet the burden of proof. It seems that Dimitri produced text messages allegedly from Christeline confessing that she liked the choking and gave no indication that she was afraid of the patriarch.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dimitri Snowden Accused Of Domestic Violence

The charges that Christeline had filed against Dimitri’s legal wife were thrown out as well although she was accused of not allowing Christeline to leave the house. The judge simply could not tell which of the two were telling the truth and had no choice but to dismiss the case. Where Christeline and her children go from here is unclear at this point.

Whether Dimitri is abusive or not may not have been decided from this case. However, perhaps future wives need to think twice before jumping into this relationship. Will Dimitri continue to seek other wives? Has this lawsuit deterred Dimitri and his wife from trying this again?

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