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Jill Duggar Embraces the Dog Mom Life

Jill Duggar Embraces the Dog Mom LifeCounting On stars Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard recently added a new member to their family – a rescue dog! The couple and their two sons went to the animal shelter, not expecting to bring home a furry friend. Instead, they adopted a new pup. Jill seems to be loving getting to be a dog mom already.

The dog is a Belgian Shepherd Mix. It’s unclear what she’s mixed with since she’s a rescue, but the family thinks she’s very cute. At first, her name was Grendel. Then, they decided to rename her Fenna.

Jill Duggar adjusts to being a dog mom

On social media, many of Jill’s recent posts have been about Fenna. She has even made several YouTube videos as the family gets used to their new family member. She’s learning the ropes to caring for a dog, and she often asks fans for advice since she’s new to this. Of course, fans are happy to help.

When Jill and Derick first adopted Fenna, fans called them out for doing things the wrong way. Though the couple didn’t address these concerns, fans were worried that they were keeping Fenna outdoors all the time. It’s unclear whether the dog is an outdoor or indoor dog now, but fans were pretty worried about her. So, they are hopeful that Jill is learning from her mistakes and figuring out how to care for a dog properly. This is certainly a learning experience for her.

Jill Duggar Embraces the Dog Mom Life

Jill is also finding some of the positives of becoming a dog mom. In a new snap, she and Fenna are on a walk. She talks about how stressed she is, pointing out that they are in survival mode as Derick finishes up his final exams in law school.

The Duggar daughter writes, “Sometimes we need to be reminded to stop and smell the flowers…or the pine needles. A walk in nature is good for the soul!” Along with this caption, Jill shared a photo of herself walking Fenna. Jill’s smiling for the camera as Fenna checks out the bushes on the side of the road.

In response, her followers are talking about how much walks and spending time with their pets can help them too. It seems like Jill is loving having Fenna in her life, and the kids love her too. Fans love seeing new photos of the pup, so Jill will probably continue to share more.

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