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Has Rosanna Miller Of “Return To Amish” Fallen In Love?

Has Rosanna Miller Of “Return To Amish” Fallen In Love?The sixth season of the popular TLC series, Return To Amish, saw the introduction of close friends, Maureen and Rosanna, to fans of the reality show. Rosanna is noted for being so honest about her decision to no longer be part of the rigid life of the Amish clan right from the start. She revealed that all she did while still living the Amish lifestyle was a boring routine as she merely ate and slept most of the day. She added that she wasn’t allowed to have fun outside the home, like going to the park or a party.

From all indications, the 18-year-old girl is pretty clear about how she intends to live her life, without been restricted by the strict Amish lifestyle. But fans will not just see Rosanna line her life as she desires, it seems that she is in love with someone who hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Rosanna Seems No Longer Envious Of Maureen’s Relationship

Rosanna’s dating life has been the source of several speculations amongst Return To Amish fans. Several of the fans took to Twitter where they speculated that Rosanna had romantic emotions for her pal, Maureen. It might seem the case, as it is rather obvious that Rosanna is jealous of Maureen’s relationship with her boyfriend, Danny. No doubt, Rosanna must be feeling left out of the picture.

However, if that speculation rings true, things seem to have changed in that regard recently. From the recent photos uploaded by Rosanna on her social media page, it has come to the notice of fans that a particular guy appears in two of them.

Rosanna Miller uploaded several photos on her Instagram page, with the unknown guy appearing beside her in two of the photos. She simply captioned the two photos with heart emojis, leaving fans in suspense as to the identity of the guy. The comments under the picture do not reveal anything about the guy either. It does seem that Rosanna has found love at last.

Has Rosanna Miller Of “Return To Amish” Fallen In Love?

Is Rosanna Deep In Love?

The Instagram photos have generated a lot of buzz among fans. A particular fan took to the Facebook group page dedicated to the show, Return To Amish Savage Edition, to ask if the guy was Rosanna’s man. Other fans of the show give diverse replies to her question even though they have no clue as to the identity of the guy in the photos.

A cross-section of the fans believes that the mystery guy is surely her boyfriend. One fan said the guy was a Facebook friend of Rosanna but had forgotten the guy’s name. A check through her Facebook friends list strikes out that fan’s claim, as the guy is not listed. Rosanna’s relationship status on her Facebook profile even shows her as single.
Other fans believe that the photos could be tied to a recent episode of the series. Well, we can only wait on Rosanna to reveal his identity.

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