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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dannielle Merrifield Changes Status

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dannielle Merrifield Changes StatusSeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that Danielle Merrifield has changed her relationship status on social media. She and her husband, Garrick Merrifield are really hoping that Roberta will join their marriage. Now that the Brazilian beauty is in the states with them, she has a lot to consider. Garrick wants to legally marry Roberta, which pushes Dannielle to legally divorce him. Things seem bumpy with the threesome, but fans have noticed some things changing on Dannielle’s social media accounts.

Social Media Changes

Not only have fans started to notice that Garrick has no pictures of him with Dannielle, but now she is making changes to her social media accounts. The first thing that these fans noticed about Dannielle’s Instagram is that she changed her name to ‘wifey_merrifield.’ There are a few fans that are not sure if this is her account or if it is a fake one.

The new account only has nine photos so far and it isn’t verified by Instagram yet. This is one of the reasons that fans think that it could be fake. There is a promo for the show on the account, but that is something that anyone could have put up on their account.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Dannielle Merrifield Changes Status

What’s Really Going On?

The real question is if this is really Dannielle’s account or not. It is hard to tell so far, but from what we have seen with Garrick’s Facebook page, it could easily be Dannielle’s new, more private account. Fans have been shocked to see that Garrick does not include his wife on his page. In fact, if you look at his Facebook account, it’s almost as if she doesn’t even exist.

From watching the show, viewers have gathered that Garrick is really into Roberta and Dannielle feels left out. She has been quite the emotional wreck since she came into the picture and we think that the drama will intensify as the season progresses.

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