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Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick Merrifield On Juggling Wives

garrick merrifield seeking sister wifeSeeking Sister Wife is thrilling fans with excitement as viewers get to see how the drama around the Merrifields unfolds in days leading up to the wedding ceremony between Garrick and his Brazilian girlfriend, Roberta.

Garrick recently divorced his first wife, Danielle Merrifield on Seeking Sister Wife, which has left her in an emotional mess as she tries to deal with Garrick remarrying another woman. Without their legal divorce, it would have prevented Garrick from marrying Roberta legally, and Roberta would not have been able to enter the United States from Brazil.

As part of plans towards the upcoming wedding, Garrick Merrifield and his ex-wife, Danielle, traveled to Mexico to hang out with Roberta. In a sneak peek Seeking Sister Wife video to promote the upcoming episode, Garrick reveals how he intends to make his two wives happy.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Spends Time With Roberta

In the video, Garrick and Roberta are seen spending time together on a cruise boat. Seeking Sister Wife fans will not be surprised that Danielle Is noticeably absent. With life jackets around their necks, Garrick and Roberta are having a good time as a couple while the boat sails over the calm blue sea. Roberta reveals that she is having a wonderful time when Garrick asked if she was enjoying herself.

Garrick also admits that he is enjoying the company of Roberta, and is a little saddened that she will return to Brazil soon. It means that Garrick will not get to see his wife-to-be in the flesh until her visa is approved by the relevant authorities, which could take several months.

Roberta then asked Garrick how he felt about having her and Danielle on the cruising trip. He replies by saying that he is in good spirits and gladdened by the opportunity it has given both of them to know more about each other, though he hadn’t wanted Danielle to know that he and she were already intimate.

Roberta Is Confused

The fact that Garrick did not want Danielle to know that he was already on intimate terms with Roberta, left her confused. For her, the whole essence of being in a polygamous relationship with a man was that the wives should be honest with each other.

Seeking Sister Wife fans know that Roberta revealed to Danielle Merrifield that she had already slept with Garrick during their conversation, which left her feeling distraught. On the boat, Roberta says that she is uncomfortable even though she understands how Danielle must be feeling at the sight of her husband with another woman.

Garrick Reveals His Plans On Seeking Sister Wife

When Garrick Merrifield returns to Colorado, he revealed how he intends to share his time with both women on Seeking Sister Wife. He admits that it would be a difficult time for Danielle, as he would be able to evenly share his time between her and Roberta. He adds that the Christian faith that both women profess will be the primary thing to help them surmount the challenges of a plural relationship.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Seeking Sister Wife right now. Come back here often for Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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