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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Merrifield Gets Backlash From Fans

 Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Merrifield Gets Backlash From FansSeeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that Garrick Merrifield is not very popular with a lot of the viewers of the show. From what we have seen of him so far this season, we are doubting a lot of his actions and comments and fans think that he is a loser and a coward from the pain he is putting his wife through right now.

Fans Love to Hate Garrick

After seeing Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield in Mexico with Roberta, we are not sure that Garrick’s intentions are the same as Dannielles. He has been very cold to his first wife throughout this entire journey and she got very emotional on the last episode of the show. Fans do not like the pain that he is putting her through and of course, they were quick to light up those keyboards.

Fans think that Garrick is terrible for blaming everything he does on ‘God’s will.’ One fan wrote on Twitter, “I hope Garrick’s d**k skin gets badly caught in Roberta’s braces tonight… God’s plan.” Another wrote, “Why do these men think God told them to get a new wife? If God is truly telling you to do ridiculous things, it’s not God, dude, it’s a mental illness.”

The Comments Just Get More Harsh

Social media was all aflutter with comments about Garrick and how terrible of a person he really is. One final fan wrote, “The weirdest park of Seeking Sister Wife is the opportunistic exploitation of the Bible in order to justify a plural relationship. Just grow a spine and be plural, you f*****g coward.”

 Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Garrick Merrifield Gets Backlash From Fans

The way that Garrick treats Dannielle is pretty terrible. If he can see the pain that she is in, why does he continue to treat her the way that he does? No matter what God says to him, why does he not show any concern about his wife? Even Roberta has shown concern when she thought that Dannielle looked upset.

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