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Seeking Sister Wife Dimitri Snowden Returns To Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife Dimitri Snowden Returns To InstagramSeeking Sister Wife returned with Season 3 on TLC and you can watch it on Mondays at 8/7c. As soon as teasers revealed that Dimitri and Ashley return, fans started slamming him. In fact, Season 2 ex-wife, Vanessa left them and fans liked her a lot. Initially, Dimitri started dealing with critics by being sassy. However, he later disappeared completely. Some outlets suggested he deleted everything on his Instagram. However, it looks like he just archived it for a while as it’s back up now.

Seeking Sister Wife – Dimitri Snowden Left Instagram Without Saying Why

Twitter and Instagram went uncharacteristically silent when Dimitri appeared to delete everything on his accounts. He also runs an account with Ashley, but she never said why he closed his Instagram. Trouble started for Dimitri when trolls started hammering at him nearly a month ago. Critics slammed them for coming back on the show after their monumental mess up with Vanessa. Some fans still feel nauseated when they think about the special diet and special PH of the vagina that Ashey insists on.

In fact, some Seeking Sister Wife critics don’t like the way their search for wives seems focused more on the physical attraction of multiple sexual partners. In the current season, TLC fans saw that they brought in two women this time. Actually, critics think they just want a handy childrearer around the house. Meanwhile, others think they just mess with the kids’ lives with all these different women. Well, after sassing trolls back, suddenly, Dimitri went dark with his posts.

The Return To Social Media

Seeking Sister Wife fans checked on Dimitri Snowden’s Instagram for a while. However it always just said the page had been removed or no longer existed. That is until Sunday, April 25. Then, he shared a new post and it seems most of his previous posts are still there. He shared about his wife Ashley. Actually, it’s a bit late, as Earth Day was on April 22. His post said, “your love and wisdom become richer, bigger and brighter with each revolution.”
The Seeking Sister Wife star also added, “your blossom is beyond beautiful 🌹.” Next. Dimitri wished her “happy earthday,” before adding, “i love you to infinity and beyond 💕.” Well, so far, nobody asked where he disappeared to for a whole week. Not many comments arrived anyway. Possibly, fans think his Instagram page is still down.

 Seeking Sister Wife Dimitri Snowden Returns To Instagram

Why is Dimitri Back On Instagram?

Fans might wonder why he came back without explanation. Of course, it’s possible his account was hacked. Or, perhaps someone reported him for something and an investigation led to its restoration. Of course, there’s another possibility. Actually, maybe he returned because TLC likes their stars to have an online presence. Apart from My 600-LB Life cast members, almost all of them run their social media while the show airs.

Remember to check back with us often for more news about Dimitri Snowden from TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife.

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