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Why Is ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Roberta Emotional About Her Father?

Why Is ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Roberta Emotional About Her Father?TLC reality show someday ago shared a new clip of the reality franchise, Seeking Sister Wife. The new clip showed Merrifields (and Roberta) at a wedding venue.

Seeking Sister Wife Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield Plan Wedding with Potential Sister-Wife, Roberta

It is no news that Merrifields was seen in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico last week with their supposed future Brazilian sister-wife, Roberta. As fans already speculated, and it has been confirmed – Garrick and Dannielle have legalized their divorce. What this means is that it will afford Garrick to legally marry Roberta so that they could all live together in the United States as a family.

Interestingly, Garrick and Roberta both agreed that they wanted Dannielle (Garrick’s divorced wife) to be the matron of honor for their wedding ceremony. Everyone thought Danielle would decline the offer, but to our amazement, she affirmed that “Being the matron of honor for Bert and Garrick’s ceremony will be very special because I will also be able to feel like I am a part of it and it’s not just about Garrick and Roberta. Moreover, this will symbolize them uniting as a polygamous family”.

Seeking Sister Wife Merrifields and Roberta go to the Wedding Venue

The new teaser starts with the Merrifields at the wedding venue. While at the venue, the wedding coordinator told the trio that if they had come about thirty minutes earlier, they would have seen a whale jumping in the water. The coordinator repeatedly told them that the sea was a very special one. Surprisingly, while he was still speaking, a whale jumped in the ocean in front of them.

Garrick makes Revelation while they were at the Wedding Venue

Garrick while speaking with the trio shared with everyone in the wedding venue that Roberta and her father frequented the ocean sometimes ago. Seemingly with no emotion in his voice, he told the audience present at that time that Roberta’s father passed away a few years ago.

Roberta Gets Emotional About Her Father

In some other section of the clip released by the reality TV show, we saw Roberta featuring in a confessional segment of Seeking Sister Wife. She shared sweet memories of her father, emphasizing that her father was a great person. In her words, “I’m sure he would love Garrick as his son.”

Why Is ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Roberta Emotional About Her Father?

What Roberta’s Family Think about Her New Polygamous Lifestyle.

When Roberta was asked how her family felt about her new choice in marriage and adopting a polygamous lifestyle, she cleared up the question by assuring fans and viewers of the reality franchise that her late father would have wholeheartedly accepted her choice in becoming part of a polygamous family, because all he ever thought about was love and nothing less.

Some minutes before the end of the clip, Roberta’s voice became crackly and she appeared emotional. She confessed that the sea and ocean reminded her of her late father. However, she made the best of the emotional situation and shared in her words “it’s also a way of paying homage to him. As any daughter getting ready to walk down the aisle, I would like nothing more than to have him here with me but I know I have him in my heart.”

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