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Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Criticized For Not Following Covid Guidelines

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Brown Criticized For Not Following Covid GuidelinesSister Wives Spoilers suggest that fans are not happy with the way that Kody Brown and his four wives have chosen to ignore Covid Guidelines. Should the family stick to the protocols that the rest of the world follow?

Kody’s Family Does Not Look Good

Sister wives’ fans expect the show to show the good side of polygamy and how loving the family is toward each other. However, it seems that the current pandemic has made the Brown family look even more selfish and completely jealous of one another.

That fact that Kody continues to travel between the house are way too much for some fans and they are not staying quiet. Kody is not happy with being called out on his action or his criticism of his wives at this time. At this point, Kody himself is expressing his lack of satisfaction with his life as a polygamist. Kody is even questioning if he would do this again if he had the chance. Does Kody want out of the marriages as much as some of his wives seem to?

Kody Brown Made These Rules

Sister Wives’ star Kody likes to think that he is the boss and makes rules for everyone in his family. However, his actions during the pandemic left some of his children wondering if Kody could travel from house to house why they could not do the same. After all Kody was traveling from house to house and had to be told to stay away from Janelle Brown’s home because two of her children work away from the home. One of Janelle’s sons is an essential worker, and he must be away from the house. Janelle’s other son goes to see his girlfriend even though that goes against the orders in their state.

Fans Question Kody’s Logic

Sister Wives fans understand that Kody is looking out for his family. However, fans do not understand Kody’s logic when it comes to traveling between the houses. Kody traveled between all for houses and could easily infect everyone in all four homes. Does Kody not realize that he could spread Covid just as easily as the kids?

Kody says he is being punished because Janelle’s boys will not risk their jobs to stay home. However, Kody makes no efforts to stay at home himself. Kody traveling from house to house is no different than his children seeing their siblings, but once again, Kody’s decision are all about Kody.

Kody has proven once again that his life is the one that should not be upset while his children suffer. Long time fans collectively admit that they were not surprised.

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