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Seeking Sister Wife Fans Attack Garrick Merrifield For Asking Dannielle To Take Care of Business.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Attack Garrick Merrifield For Asking Dannielle To Take Care of Business.Seeking Sister Wife Fans have come after Garrick Merrifield for obvious reasons. Recently, he called Dannielle the ‘large wife’ and now he has asked Dannielle to look after the business to have some alone time with Roberta. A lot of fans have a bad feeling about him as he claims to be Christian and he cheated on his wife before he even married Roberta.

Seems Garrick Merrifield Is Taking Advantage of Danielle’s Good Nature.

Fans of the Seeking Sister Wife show get angrier each Roberta, Danielle, and Garrick who is seen as creepy appear on their screen. Fans could see how hard it was for Danielle to plan her husband’s wedding to another woman even if they got divorced to pave way for the new union. It seems like Garrick is the one who desperately wants to live the polygamous lifestyle. So far, Danielle is very insecure and fears that her husband would fall out of love with her and loves his new wife more as she can trust neither her husband nor his new wife anymore.

Garrick has so far annoyed Seeking Sister Wife fans when he called Roberta the “petit wife” and Danielle the “large wife”, this made fans call him a “creep” especially when he features Roberta on his Facebook. However, this is the least of the horrible things he had done. It was revealed on a teaser from TLC that Roberta and Garrick cheated on Danielle for the first time.

It so happened that Roberta insisted they all sleep together so Danielle does not feel left out but in reality, she and Garrick had enjoyed an intimate time in secret that night. Danielle tries to maintain a brave face and always feels it’s all good. However, with this attitude of hers, fans feel Garrick is taking advantage of her sweet, innocent nature.

Seeking Sister Wife Fans Attack Garrick Merrifield For Asking Dannielle To Take Care of Business.

Would Danielle Take Care of Business While Garrick Slacks? Fans Think…

Fans feel disgusted with Garrick when he tries to use paper works to distract Danielle to have Roberta all to himself. When Garrick told Roberta that he had a surprise for her and that she would be needing a ‘Brazilian’, fans concluded that they were going on a date and Garrick was ready for alone time with his second wife. Fans were especially angry when he told Danielle to do some paper works so that she would be distracted and would not have jealous thoughts about him and Roberta going on a date. He was excited that he finally had Roberta all to himself.

Some of Garrick’s critics have taken to Twitter to express their disgust over Garrick’s attitude towards Danielle. One of the critics had said he is an *ss, he just told his wife that he had an intimate relation with Roberta before marrying her without talking to his wife about it first, and now he dares to say he needs time alone with Roberta so Danielle should do some work for him.

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