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LPBW Spoilers: Jackson Roloff Needs Surgery – What Might Happen?

LPBW Spoilers: Jackson Roloff Needs Surgery – What Might Happen?LPBW spoilers emerged via a sneak peek dropped by TLC for Season 22. Fans see that Zach and Tori talk about the possibility that Jackson might need surgery. Of course, children born as dwarves often face potential surgery as they suffer from skeletal problems. If Jackson needs surgery, might it be a “long journey” as his dad suggests? What can doctors do to help the cute Little People, Big Word boy with his bowed legs?

LPBW Spoilers Suggest A Tough Road For Jackson And Possible Surgery

Little People, Big World returns to TLC on May 11. The jam-packed sneak peek reveals Amy might sell off her remaining portion of the farm. Meanwhile, Chris seems irritated with Amy who keeps dumping all her many household goods in his space he cleared. Additionally, Amy seems unhappy as Chris Marek and Matt Roloff get along so well. Fans also see Amy planning her wedding and Baby Lilah gets her first pair of eyeglasses. Unfortunately, little Jackson needs medical attention.

LPBW spoilers that reveal bad news for Jackson probably make TLC fans very sad. After all, he stole their hearts a long time ago. The cute little boy recently featured in charming photos that his mom Tori shared. At Easter, he happily played with his sister Lilah and sweetly posed for the cutest photos despite being a bit camera shy at the moment. Fans simply adore the kid who will turn four in May this year.

Little People, Big World Boy Might Need His Bowed Legs Fixed

In the sneak peek that revealed LPBW spoilers for the new season, Tori and Zach mentioned Jackson’s legs becoming very bowed. Tori said, “He will probably need surgery.” Next, Zach worriedly said, “It’s the beginning of a long journey.” Well, we checked it out to find out how much of a “long journey” Jackson might experience. Judging by the experience of another boy who suffered from dwarfism, it could take a long time to correct Jackson’s legs.

If the LPBW spoilers upset you, then you might not like what the surgery might entail if Jackson needs it. However, it’s not yet clear that he will undergo the same surgery, or even just yet. After all, he’s two years younger than the example we found. David S. Feldman, MD, Associate Director of the Paley Institute, West Palm Beach wrote up a case study of one of his patients. Like Jackson, the boy also suffered from Achondroplasia dwarfism.

LPBW Spoilers: Jackson Roloff Needs Surgery – What Might Happen?

Surgery To Correct Bowed Legs For Achondroplasia Dwarf

Going by young Shaunak’s surgery, fans might expect LPBW spoilers of a painful nature for Jackson. Correcting the bowed legs involved drilling holes and placing screws in the bones. Then, a frame meant the bones in the leg could be tightened with screws to straighten the legs. It took a lot of tightening and physiotherapy. Finally, after more than two years of this, more surgery followed to remove all the bits and pieces. At the age of 14, the teenager needed follow-up surgery.

However, for now, doctors might go for a simpler surgery that involves a plate inside the leg that stops the legs from bowing out.

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