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Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath Speaks Out

olivia plath welcome to plathville ethan plathOlivia Plath from Welcome to Plathville recently confessed to her Instagram followers that she hasn’t been having it easy with her in-laws, The Plaths. Olivia Plath did a question and answer session on Instagram and things got interesting.

Welcome To Plathville fans who have been curious to know so much about her and her in-laws, they took the session pretty seriously. The successful photographer, Olivia Plath nevertheless, responded to some lighthearted questions before the chat took a different turn.

A Plathville fan in her words asked Olivia “Advice on marrying into a family that’s different from yours and how you grew up?” Olivia dished out her advice drawing inspiration from the experience she had with her in-laws.

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia Plath Answers Fans’ Questions About In-Laws Kim and Barry Plath

Olivia’s lengthy reply suggested that she has adopted off-on relationships with her in-laws. The first step being, doing everything in her power to get along with Kim and Barry Plath, the over-bearing parents of her better half, Ethan Plath.

Olivia Plath also told the fan that there will always be visible and underground works required when joining a new family. The idea of joining a new family will always be unique, but there would always be conflict. She narrated her current ordeal with her in-laws because she wasn’t willing to give overall control and be manipulated by Kim and Barry. So, she had to walk away.

This was evident when viewers saw the aftermath of Olivia’s decision on the second season of the TLC reality show, with Ethan and Olivia being banned from communicating with any member of the family.

Olivia added after a lengthy talk “Every situation is different. Get counsel, ask others who can look at the situation with fresh eyes. Try to be kind and gracious, but don’t let yourself be used or walked on. At the end of the day, blood doesn’t always win if it’s toxic.”

Welcome to Plathville: Olivia and Her Husband, Ethan

After going so much into deep talks with the question and answer session, a different fan wanted to know how things were in Olivia’s bumpy marriage. The Welcome To Plathville fan asked if everything was okay between the Plath couple. Another commented that she misses seeing the couple’s cute pictures together.

Responding to the comments, Olivia Plath told her fans that her husband and she were doing perfectly fine. She captioned her response by sharing a recent picture of them. However, she admitted that they were working through a lot right now, but hopefully, it will all make them wiser and stronger in the end.

Remember the couple shared their marriage challenges on the TLC reality franchise, but with the way Ethan stood up for his wife to his parents during the season finale, we believe the two will do just fine and get past the current rigors in their marriage.

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