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Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Writing A Third Book?

Little People, Big World spoilers and updates reveals during the early days of April 2021, Audrey Roloff expressed her gratitude for a task she and her husband achieved some years ago. She wrote on her social media handle “A Love Letter Life turns 2 today!!!” Referring to the book she and her husband Jeremy released in the spring of 2019. She also added in the post “I was reminded today of how grateful I am for the opportunity to have written a New York Times Best-Selling book with the love of my life, and to be able to meet thousands of you who read it and we’re impacted in some way. It is a complete honor”. She concluded.

Little People, Big World Spoilers – About a New Book

During the pandemic year, specifically, December, Audrey announced the release of a second memoir. In her words, the book is full of creative ideas, questions, and challenges with the hope of helping you build a fun, fulfilling, and forever love. She said she and her husband were calling the new memoir a snack book and they hope it’s something that can live on your nightstand or coffee table, something that you refer back to and look and flip to certain chapters for ideas, jolts of inspiration, and meaningful conversation starters.

Feedback From Fans and Followers

The sad thing about Audrey’s enthusiastic announcement was that it was not exactly met with a round of applause from fans and followers of the couple.

As the couple promoted their book and dished out marital advice to fans, some social media users ripped Audrey apart for talking like a pompous know-it-all. A critic asked Audrey, what makes you such a love expert? Another follower inquired on her post, must you continue to monetize your relationship?

Little People, Big World Updates – Audrey’s reaction after the backlash from critics

After surviving so much criticism from critics, Audrey says she won’t be coming out with another book.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Their Book

“When are you going to write that Always More book?” one follower recently asked as part of a social media Q&A session. “I’m ready to preorder it.”

Surprisingly, Audrey Roloff didn’t refer back to any of the insults she got from her critics, however, she did make this confession to the follower: “You’re probably not gonna like this response but I backed out of writing that book. We were under contract for 3 books with our publisher BEFORE we had kids, after starting to write the second we realized we needed to get out of writing the third.”

In a simpler word, the former reality star admitted that they had hoped to write more books down the road in different seasons of their life, but it appears that isn’t happening anymore. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t have opened up to this extent if trolls didn’t criticize her on her Instagram page for running her marriage like a business.

Audrey Fires back at Critic

Audrey asked again on her social media page ( this time, countering the negative commenter who made the business remark about her marriage) – Have you ever thought about your marriage having a greater purpose beyond itself? The follower was quick to reply “Greater purpose like profiting off it? No,”.

“No. Not like profiting off it,” Audrey shot back. And that was all for the back and forth exchange between Audrey and the follower.

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