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Are The Sisters Wives Family Relocating Again?

Are The Sisters Wives Family Relocating Again?Fans of the TLC series, Sisters Wives, are used to hearing the four wives give differing opinions on the plans for the Coyote Pass estate. Season 15 of the reality series has seen this topic rear its head more often than not.

Furthermore, in recent promo videos for the show, Christine Brown has stated plainly that a return to Utah is at the top of her mind. Her desire to return to the Texan city is so important to her because her granddaughter, Avalon Padron, was recently given birth there. Are we going to see the Sisters Wives relocate again anytime soon? With the way Christine is talking about Utah, it seems the show might be filming from there in the nearest future. Read on to find out more about their relocation plans.

Is the Brown Family About To Relocate To Utah?

In a recent video trailer to promote the upcoming final episode of season 15, fans are taken on a journey as to why the reality show might be filming from Utah sooner than later. In the video, Christine is seen talking about the recent bills that allow for plural marriages in Utah. This alone is enough reason for the Brown family to go back to Utah. She went on to add that she intends to discuss the issue with her husband, Kody Brown.

The next scene in the video shows the couple having a conversation about the relocation to Utah. For Christine, she has always loved the Coyote Pass mansion and remembers saying that she only backed the relocation to their present home in Flagstaff because the laws in Utah didn’t support plural marriages back then.

At this point, it is obvious for everyone to see that Kody Brown does not like the course the conversation is taking.

Are The Sisters Wives Family Relocating Again?

Christine Pushes For A Family Relocation To Utah

When Christine notices Kody’s expression, she makes a case for her Utah relocation cause by stating that the laws in Utah have changed. She then asks Kody if it changed his idea that they never moved back to Utah, to which he replies that it hasn’t changed his mind.

Kody further argued that when he asked them about his bid to get four houses that shared one back door balcony in St George, that none of them supported him. According to Kody, his recollections about past conversations about returning to Utah was Christine been passionately against the idea.

In a sharp move later on during the discourse, Kody points out that he assumed the four wives decided against going back to Utah because they wanted to preserve the social security of their kids. Christine counters this by saying that since the laws on plural marriages have changed, that she still wants to return to Utah. She said that the Utah laws were what made her support the relocation to Flagstaff in the first place, as she didn’t want to bring up her children in a place with such hostile laws against plural marriages.

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