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Joy-Anna Duggar Shares a Snap of Evy’s ‘Sweet Smile’

Joy-Anna Duggar’s Instagram page is filled with adorable photos of her kids. She and her husband Austin Forsyth share Gideon, 3, and Evelyn, 7 months. Sadly, between the two kids, Joy-Anna lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation. Though this was a hard loss for her, she now has Evelyn, her rainbow baby.

Joy-Anna posted on Instagram to share a couple of cute photos of her daughter, Evelyn, during bath time. In the pictures, the 7-month-old is sitting in the kitchen sink. She’s playing with a plastic cup and a rubber duck as she smiles for her mom.

In her caption, Joy-Anna writes, “Bath time is her favorite time!🛁 I love Evy’s sweet smile!🥰” The little girl’s teeth aren’t poking through yet, so she’s giving her mom a gummy smile. She has bright blue eyes and looks happy and content while playing in the bath.

Duggar fans have mixed feelings

Many fans think these photos of Evelyn are adorable. They love seeing new pictures of the baby girl, and they can’t believe how quickly she’s growing up. Some fans are pointing out that Evelyn looks just like her older brother, Gideon, who’s three years old.

In the past, fans have said that Gideon and Evelyn look a lot like Joy-Anna’s husband, Austin. Now, fans think that Evelyn is starting look like Joy-Anna.

While many of the comments on Joy-Anna’s latest post are positive, others are not. There are quite a few people raising concerns about the types of pictures that Joy-Anna shares and some of the parenting choices she’s making.

Joy-Anna Duggar Shares a Snap of Evy’s ‘Sweet Smile'

In the comments section of Joy-Anna’s post, a few of her followers are talking about the dangers of posting bathtub pictures of children. The Counting On star has one million followers on Instagram, and she doesn’t know who all of them are. Fans point out that it’s no longer safe to post bathtub photos of kids because of the poor intentions people may have.

Other fans think it’s gross that Joy-Anna is bathing her baby in the sink where she washes her dishes. Plenty of others argue that the young mom probably cleaned the sink. It’s not uncommon for parents to bathe their kids in the sink when they’re small enough, but Joy-Anna and others in the public eye get slammed for almost anything they post online.

Fortunately, most of the comments are positive, and fans are loving the new photos of Evelyn. They hope Joy-Anna continues to share sweet photos of her baby girl as she grows up.

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