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The Blended Bunch Spoilers: Changing The Children’s Names Difficulties

The Blended Bunch Spoilers: Changing The Children’s Names DifficultiesThe Blended Bunch spoilers and updates reveal that there are some struggles about the changing of the last names of the children. Now that Erica and Eric Shemwell have moved in together and blended their families, there are some new steps for them all. One of these steps is changing the last names of Erica’s children. How will the kids feel about this?

The Blended Bunch Spoilers – Not Everyone is Happy

Erica and Spencer may be very happy about changing the names of children, but not everyone is on board. When they broke the news to their families, some drama came out of it. Erica’s children will be taking on Spencer’s last name and there is a lot of drama surrounding it all.

On the last episode of the Blended Bunch, Spencer told the kids, “We decided, me and Mom, that we are actually going to adopt you guys. So what that means is I’m going to adopt the seven Means kids, and Mom’s going to adopt the four Shemwell kids.”

The Whole Story

The Shemwells both lost their spouses in tragic ways and they connected on a Facebook group for support for those who lost their loved ones. They bonded quickly and then started talking more and more. They started dating and it only took them about 13 months before they decided to get married.

A few of the children are onboard with changing their names, but Sophie, who is 8 and Erica’s daughter, feels that she is not good with the last name change.She told cameras, “I won’t like my initials.” Her older brother, Landon, asked his mom, “Do we have to change our last name?” It seems that he is feeling a little bit uncomfortable about it all.

The Blended Bunch Updates- Erica Shemwell Opens Up

Erica took the time to open up more about the changing of the kids’ names. She told cameras, “I didn’t want you all to change your name and have everyone be Shemwell and lose the Means name, because I feel like it’s really important to carry on Daddy’s name. But also, I really love the idea of us all having the Shemwell last name so that we feel like a family.”

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