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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Jarod Clark Accused Of Treating Kaleh Like A Servant

seeking sister wife jarod clark kaleh vanessaSeeking Sister Wife spoilers came in a teaser from TLC on April 19. Jarod Clark, already unpopular with fans took some heat and they also urged Kaleh to run away from the love triangle. Originally married to Vanessa, this season the newcomer brought in Kaleh and fans think he treated her as if she’s working under indentured servitude conditions.

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers – Fans Think Jarod’s Abusive

If you’re new to the show that features men who want more wives in their lives, you might think some weird things go down. Actually, Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 brings more than one oddity.

TLC fans met Garrick and Dannielle who decided to import Brazilian Roberta in a sort of 90 Day Fiance crossover. Married for 13 years, Garrick and Dannielle rapidly decided they needed to divorce for immigration purposes. It all looks a bit extreme, and the divorce went through on February 22.

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers also reveal that Dimitri Snowden and Ashley returned and this season they try taking in two new wives. However, these men don’t seem abusive. But when it comes to Jarod Clark, a self-proclaimed King, they think he might fit the description. In fact, a lot of fans think he enjoys placing Kaleh under servitude. His wife, Vanessa doesn’t go unscathed in the criticism either.

Abusive Attitude Creeps in From King Jarod, Fans Believe

Seeking Sister Wife spoilers already upset fans when Jarod moved house. Wanting to be closer to his work, he clashed with Kaleh for not acting like a queen. Fans agree that she looks like a young teen, although she claims to be in her 20s. Fans thought that he just complains the whole time and treats Kaleh like a servant. Sometimes, it seems Vanessa also just wants a servant around to cook and clean, as well.

In the Seeking Sister Wife spoilers for this week’s episode, Jarod now reveals that he doesn’t want Kaleh to work. Recall, he met her when she worked as a security guard. Her work seems important to her, but he wants her to just stop, and stay at home. When she tells him her job and career’s important to her, he doesn’t want to hear it. One TLC fan watched the teaser and decided he come over as a dictator and verges on abusive behavior.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3: Servitude For Kaleh?

One angry fan on Instagram asked, “At what point is this just indentured servitude?” Not alone, others also think that the situation seems way off. Hardly any of them believe she’s as old as she makes out and she seems timid and almost afraid of “King” Jarod. One person noted, “She made no eye contact with him? Is this an abusive relationship? She’s a little young for this relationship.”

More criticism came for Jarod in the Seeking Sister Wife spoilers. Angry, a commenter said, “The kang is mad cuz his servant isn’t there to clean and care for the kids. She looks young enough to be his child. All the people on this show are deranged.”

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