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Jessa Seewald Applauded for Her Newest DIY Project

Jessa Seewald Applauded for Her Newest DIY ProjectJessa Seewald is a do-it-yourself queen! The Duggar daughter has shown off her DIY skills plenty of times over the years. She has built her kids a bunk bed, put together a swing set, and so much more. Duggar fans are always impressed with her abilities. Most of the time, she does these projects without any help from her husband, Ben Seewald. In one of her YouTube videos, she takes the kids along to buy lumber. The kids seem happy to help out.

Jessa Seewald shows off her new shelf

Jessa recently built a new shelf to hang above her bed. In a YouTube video, she shows viewers how she built the shelf. She uses unpainted wood for a more natural look. After Jessa built and hung the shelf, she placed plants and books on it.

Jessa explains that she has a minimalist style in her bedroom, but she wanted to make an addition to the space. She says, “Last year I went super minimalist in our master bedroom, and we’ve been loving it! The only thing I’d been wanting to add was a large shelf for plants and books and such, in order to bring a big more warmth to the space.”

Jessa Seewald Applauded for Her Newest DIY Project

Duggar fans love Jessa’s creativity

In the comments section of Jessa’s video, fans are praising her for her hard work and creativity. They think she did a great job on the shelf, and they’re even more impressed that she did it with three little ones at home and one more on the way.

One viewer writes, “You are such an independent and strong woman, is there anything that you can’t do?” Another comment reads, “You did a great job with the shelves, Jessa. The plants & books on them (plus the plant beside your bed) make the room so cozy & inviting.”

While most of the comments on Jessa’s post are positive, some fans are worried about the heavy pots falling on their heads while they’re asleep. Some refer to the plants as “spider homes” and fear that bugs could end up in the bed. Regardless, fans seem to like the look of the shelf and they think Jessa did a great job on it.

Fans are excited to see what Jessa will come up with next. Maybe she has other projects in mind as she prepares to welcome her fourth child this summer.

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