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Deadliest Catch News: Captain Keith Colburn Is Diagnosed with COVID-19

Deadliest Catch News: Captain Keith Colburn Is Diagnosed with COVID-19Deadliest Catch news reveals that Captain Keith Colburn has been hospitalized after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Naturally his fans are worried about the show star and we have everything you need to know to get up to date about this troubling news.

Deadliest Catch News: Captain Keith Colburn Is in the Hospital

Keith Colburn has announced that he has COVID. He shared that he has been ill for 20 days and did a 10-day quarantine without any medication but he did wind up having to be hospitalized.

According to him the virus is out of his system now but at this point he needs to be under a doctor’s care due to the after effects of what is a very dangerous virus. Keith said that he got pneumonia after contracting the virus and as a result had difficulty breathing; he reported being in the hospital for eight days.

Deadliest Catch News: Keith Colburn Isn’t the Only Cast Member Diagnosed With COVID

Keith made it a point to give his fans a message: get vaccinated. According to him, any effects from the shot are better than suffering through the actual virus itself. It sounds as if he definitely knows what he’s talking about since he had difficulty breathing which has got to be scary.

As it turns out Keith isn’t the only Deadliest Catch star to battle the virus. Star Andy Hillstrand was diagnosed with COVID as well and it prevented him from returning to the show. As a result Jonathan Hillstrand temporarily got Josh Harris to fill in on the boat the Time Bandit as a relief captain.

In season 17 Nick McGlashan feared he had COVID but lucky for him his test results were negative.

Deadliest Catch News: Captain Keith Colburn Is Diagnosed with COVID-19

Deadliest Catch News: COVID Is Ultra Dangerous

Keith made it a point to reiterate that “COVID is real.” He wants his fans to know that it is not a hoax and encourages people to get the vaccine.

His words have been important for many fans who also expressed their support for him. Some let him know that they are also in the hospital with COVID and regret not getting the vaccine while others shared that they lost loved ones to the virus. Others have written to say they were going to get the vaccine or already had the shot.

The new season of Deadliest Catch is coming up and hopefully fans will get to see the normally hearty and hale captain working, and not confined to a hospital bed.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Deadliest Catch. Come back here often for Deadliest Catch news and updates.

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