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Will Jessa and Ben Seewald Move to a Bigger Home Before Baby No. 4 Arrives?

Will Jessa and Ben Seewald Move to a Bigger Home Before Baby No. 4 Arrives?Jessa and Ben Seewald currently have three kids, Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, and Ivy, almost 2. This summer, they will welcome their fourth child. While fans are happy for the family, they wonder how they will fit in their existing home. The soon-to-be family of six lives in a two-bedroom home.

About a year ago, Jessa shared a home tour. At the time, Henry and Spurgeon shared a bedroom. The bedroom was also Ben’s office during the day. Now, the boys have bunk beds in that same room. It’s unclear where Ivy is sleeping now and where the new baby will sleep.

Even before Jessa shared that she’s expecting another baby, fans were wondering how the whole family lives comfortably in that small house. While it’s nice and cozy, they might feel a little bit cramped. Some fans point out that having a small house is helpful for keeping things nice and tidy. They think it’s easier to keep track of the kids this way too.

Jessa continues decorating the home and shows no signs of packing

If the couple was planning a move, there would likely be signs of this in their YouTube videos and social media posts. On Thursday, Jessa shared a new YouTube video. In the video, she shows fans how she built and hung a shelf above the bed in her bedroom. This could be a sign that the family is planning on staying in their current home. While it’s not too difficult to take a shelf down and patch up some holes in the wall, she would likely be focusing on removing things from the walls rather than putting things up.

Recently, fans thought the family might have been hinting at a move when they went furniture shopping. They were looking for a new chair for their living room, and fans didn’t think they had room for another one. So, some thought that they might be shopping for furniture for a new home.

Will Jessa and Ben Seewald Move to a Bigger Home Before Baby No. 4 Arrives?

Of course, it’s possible that there is more going on behind the scenes and the family could be planning to find a larger home. As of right now, they haven’t shared any details about a possible move.

Fans are hopeful that Jessa and Ben will move soon since they are outgrowing their home. At this point, it’s unclear when they will move or make an addition to their house. In the meantime, fans will likely continue to ask questions about their home and how they are going to fit their growing family in just two bedrooms.

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