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This Is Us Season 5 Trims Two Episodes due to Pandemic

This Is Us Season 5 Trims Two Episodes due to PandemicNBC Drama This Is Us spoilers and updates reveal the show will end its fifth Season cutting two episodes from its original plan of 18.

“This is Us” promo that aired following last Tuesday’s episode revealed that aside from returning on May 11, its fifth season now only has three more episodes to go. NBC confirmed it later. Its finale is expected to air on Tuesday, May 25.

“Brotherly Love”

The latest episode titled “Brotherly Love” highlighted the most needed conversation between Pearson brothers Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) following a prolonged tug-of-war between the two.

The brothers had finally discussed and then confronted their issues. Almost a year ago, in the Season 4 finale, the brothers spoke hate against each other: Randall called Kevin a terrible actor and in return, Kevin defined Randall’s adoption into their family as the “worst day” of his life.

It led to an honest conversation between the two occurred about Randall being adopted as a black member of the Pearson family. Kevin also admitted he has been affected by how Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) specially treated Randall versus their biological children.

The Siblings’ Chemistry

The episode director Kay Oyegun praised the actors Brown and Hartley pointing out that these siblings have good on-screen chemistry and there’s very little they can’t do as a pair. “They’re just both so talented.”

Oyegun pointed out that honesty is an important element for the scene to play well. She said: “I think the biggest thing is [these characters] are always honest with each other.”

This Is Us Season 5 Trims Two Episodes due to Pandemic

Fans have been waiting for this raw and revelatory confrontation to happen. Oyegun added:

“This is one that the actors, the characters, and the audience have been on this journey with them. It’s not like the audience had not been privy to those things. Now, that it’s actually staring them directly in the face and speaking to them is something that might be jarring, but it was something that our actors and our characters were both prepped for in a way that works really well.”

The Pandemic’s Whip

Just like other shows, “This Is Us’ reason for trimming down its episode orders is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has delayed the production too many times, which resulted in Season 5’s late start and having only four episodes in the fall.

The series will take another break for four weeks again to wrap up things in the current season.

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