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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Calls Out Trolls After Income Questions and Accusations Of An Affair

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Calls Out Trolls After Income Questions and Accusations Of An AffairSister Wives spoilers suggest Meri Brown has broken her social media silence due to trolls’ assumptions that she is having an affair with a producer and about her income from the show. Meri has been silent since her mother’s death. What has happened to pull the star back into the social media spotlight?

Innocent Comment Causes Uproar

Sister wives Meri innocently commented that “I love the scenes when you hear our producer asking questions. I know he hates it lol!” Three weeks later this comment surface putting Meri into an uproar. “Meri + the producer = (heart emoji)?” The entire comment surrounded the fact that Meri had not told Kody that their daughter Mariah Brown had already left for Utah. The producer joked with Meri that she was toying with Kody.

Meri assures the producer that simply was not the fact. The simply lighthearted banter was all in fun, but a fan had to make much more out of it. Meri responded to the follower, saying, “Well that’s just an awkwardly weird stretch.” After all, Meri is constantly trying to reconnect with Kody Brown, why in the world would she have an affair with her producer? Do fans not see that the catfishing incident caused enough trouble for her marriage to Kody? Does Meri have to be having an affair with the producer to have a joking conversation with him?

Please Please Leave…

Another fan was seen telling Meri to please leave Kody and the show even though she knows this is Meri’s income which completely annoyed Meri. Although fans are terribly upset with how Kody treats Meri, she seems to want to stay. However, Meri stated that it has nothing to do with her income and thanks the follower for their concern. Meri has never suggested that her only income is from the show and should not be treated as such. Meri has her Lula Rue business as well as the Bed and Breakfast in Utah. Meri must be finally stable on her own or she could not have financed the B&B without help from Kody or the family.

A Marriage In Shambles

Sister Wives Meri and Kody still struggle with their marriage as their anniversary date proved that they are not close to being on the same page. Kody wants Meri to court him into the relationship and yet turns down every advance she makes. Perhaps Meri might be better off leaving Kody and the family.

Meri continues to try to convince fans that she knows her worth and that she wants to fight for her marriage. However, is there even a marriage to save at this point? Kody does not seem interest in a relationship with Meri at all.

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