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Jeremy Vuolo Accused of Photoshopping Hairline in Book Cover Photo

Jeremy Vuolo Accused of Photoshopping Hairline in Book Cover Photo

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo recently announced that they have written a book. Their book is titled The Hope We Hold: Finding Peace in the Promises of God. Hope We Hold is the title of their podcast as well. The book is set to be released on May 4, but it’s available for preorder now. The couple says that they enjoyed writing the book, and they are excited for it to reach fans too. It features many of the couple’s stories, from childhood until now. Jinger points out that they want to be raw and honest with their followers.

So far, many fans have expressed interest in the book and they seem to be looking forward to reading it. Others think that the Vuolos are just trying to make money and take advantage of the Duggar family’s fame. Regardless, the couple is getting a lot of attention for this recent announcement.

Jeremy Vuolo called out for obvious photoshop job

Speaking of the attention that Jeremy and Jinger are receiving over the news of their book, they are getting some negative feedback about it already. Fans and critics of the Duggar family have noticed something is off in the photo of Jeremy and Jinger used for the book’s cover. They are pointing out that the photo used was seriously photoshopped.

In the comments sections of the posts about the book, a few of the couple’s followers are talking about this. One jokes, “A lot of hope in the photoshop skills of whoever designed the cover.”

Jeremy Vuolo Accused of Photoshopping Hairline in Book Cover Photo

On Reddit, the conversation continues. One Duggar snark points out, “We all know that isn’t your real hairline.” Another snark thinks it looks “airbrushed,” and plenty of others are calling Jinger and Jeremy fake. Other users say that the photo used for the book makes both of them look much older than they are.

Other photos of Jeremy show that he doesn’t naturally have hair on his head where he does in the book cover photo. A quick scroll through his Instagram page shows that his hairline goes pretty far back, which is inconsistent with the book cover photo.

It’s unclear if the photo was professionally edited. It’s likely that it was taken by a professional photographer, but fans think an amateur might have edited it because the added hair on Jeremy’s head looks so unnatural.

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