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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Star Robert Scott Wilson Teases Ben and Ciara’s Happy Ending

days of our lives spoilers ben and ciara, dool robert scott wilson“Days of Our Lives” (DOOL) spoilers show Robert Scott Wilson teased Ben’s fight for a happy ending with his wife Ciara Brady-Weston.

Days of Our Lives fans are hoping Ben can bring back her memories after he just rescued his presumed dead wife, Ciara. But Ciara lost all her memories and feelings for Ben to amnesia, except that she still identifies him as the Necktie Killer.

“They’re all rooting that he and Ciara have this happy ending. And Ben wants that more than anything. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what happened to your loved one. She was his counterpart, and she was what helped him get to where he is,” the actor told Global TV.

Fighting his psychopath illness has never been easy until Ciara came into his life. When the world abandoned him, Ciara stayed. Wilson understands the impact Ciara caused in Ben’s life on Days of Our Lives. The reformed murderer still believes Ciara will love him once she remembers their moments.

Someone Familiar On Days Of Our Lives

“Having love in his life and somebody believe in him, he’s never had that for himself. She instilled in him the power and the ability to be a better man, a better human,” the Days of Our Lives actor expressed.

When being asked if the fan-favorite couple will end up together again, Wilson answered: “That’s the love of the game in Salem, man. It’s pulling them apart and making them fight for it!”

While Ciara struggles with all the pieces of information she’s being fed now, she finds Theo Carver (Kyler Mackenzie Pettis) as the only familiar face he can trust. Ciara can’t move forward with the truth that she’s married to Ben, worst she can’t even believe she fell in love with him, so she’s looking back on her feelings for Theo since it is easier for her to believe.

DOOL Spoilers – (Un)Redeeming Oneself

The creators of this NBC soap opera have been writing Ben’s story of redemption for years but it seems like they are taking on a different plot. The redeemed serial killer will turn out desperate to get his wife to love him back.

DOOL spoilers show Ben’s desperation will lead him to reconsider Jake DiMera’s suggestion to use Dr. Wilhelm Rolf’s (William Utay) memory serum.

The Days of Our Lives promo includes photos of Ben creeping into Ciara’s room while she’s asleep. She won’t realize Ben’s trying to inject her until she wakes up and panics.

In the end, Ben’s desperate moments suggest him as the dark and dangerous person Ciara fears him to be.

Spoilers also show Theo stepping in as a knight and shining armor. Ciara demands Ben to be out of her life. She then leans closer to Theo to give him what seems to be a kiss.

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