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Unexpected Spoilers: Max Schenzel Has Moved On

Unexpected Spoilers: Max Schenzel Has Moved OnUnexpected spoilers reveal that Max Schenzel has moved on to another woman. When we last saw him on the show, he was with Chloe Mendoza and they have a child together. It looks like his time with Chloe is done and he has moved on. Not to mention, there are rumors all over social media that he has gotten this new woman pregnant as well.

Can He Keep A Solid Relationship?

Fans of Unexpected were a little shocked to see that Max had already added this new woman to his social media profile. His new bio reads, “Taken by Cassi.” The rumors about him getting another woman pregnant actually began before he changed his bio and many viewers are curious if it was Cassi or another woman all together.

Cassi put the rumors to rest about herself being pregnant when she posted on her social media account. A fan reached out to her and asked, “Well I hope it works out for you and hope he gets his stuff together. And it ain’t my business, but is the pregnancy real?” Cassi told the fan, “It’s not real and I’ve already told him he needs to make different content and show the real him.”

The Romance and Drama

As soon as Max added Cassi to his bio, he deleted her name too. We are not sure if they are already having serious drama, but it seems that they have been fighting constantly and a friend of Cassi’s shared a screenshot of a text from Max where he wrote “F**k You!” Is there trouble in paradise already?

Unexpected Spoilers: Max Schenzel Has Moved On

From what we have gathered from Max’s friends and on social media, Cassi has broken his heart and quick! A text was found between the two of them and Max wrote to her, “At least text me back and tell me why all of a sudden you go from falling in love with each other to talking to someone else just because my friends take my phone. I’m sorry, but I love you too much.”

We will have to keep you posted on what happens next with Max and Cassi. It doesn’t look good.

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