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The Alldredge Family Not In Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, Why?

The Alldredge Family Not In Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, Why?After a very long wait, Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 is now available on TLC. Meanwhile, the popular Alldredge’s are nowhere to be seen. This has fans wondering what could have been the issue as they came up with a complex and interesting backstory. The family answered some questions on Facebook on the 13th of April after some fans must have messaged them. They also shared a photo of their baby Chloe Vienna Esther Alldredge.

The Alldredge Family

Jeff Alldredge added a wife to his family in July last year. He was already married to Vanessa and Sharis, Donna, and her daughter, Evelyn joined the Alldredge family. Jeff kept the detail off social media for some while for an unknown reason. Before this, he and his wives tried for a third wife who also had a child but for some reason, it did not work. The custody of Evelyn caused a drawn-out court battle after Donna joined the family. Jeff could not provide money for the legal fees that he had to start a GoFundMe.

The GoFundMe came during the pandemic, at a time when fans were struggling with their incomes and family. For this reason, the funding was slow.

Surprisingly, the first season of Seeking Sister Wife showed a complicated arrangement between Jeff Alldredge and Jennifer Linnerth. At first, she seemed very keen to join the family but faked her death to sneak out with her main reason that Jeff’s house did not have running water.

These intrigued fans of the show so much that they looked forward to watching the show. There was another Mrs. Alldregde, Cynthia. They separated years before, maybe for reasons that she could not live without running water too. Jeff, who is a father of many children fascinated fans who looked forward to seeing the family in season 3 but that did not happen.

The Alldredge Family Not In Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, Why?

Sharis Alldredge Answers Fans Questions on Facebook

The Seeking Sister Wife star, Sharis Alldredge conducted a Question & Answer on Facebook on the 13th of April, where she mentioned they were be spending springtime on the farm. She mentioned that life was good, and there were new animals and better weather. She told fans that Donna’s custody case was still ongoing and because of some legal issues, she can not give full details yet. Although she did not mention it, the Alldredge family may have turned down season 3 partly because of the court case.

The family has also discussed other reasons why they would not be on season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. Sharis told fans that they did not like the direction of the show in this current season, saying the direction the family is headed is different. Fans have also shown their displeasure towards the direction of the show this season as it is more focused on sexual liaisons more than before.

We sincerely wish the Aldredge family all the best in the direction they are headed and most especially we wish them to victory in Evelyn’s court case.

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